Friday, March 1st, 2019

Mike visits his clients to slam a transcript of Phyllis’ testimony on the desk. He’ll do his best to undo the damage but there’s no guarantee of success. If they don’t tell the truth about what happened that night they risk going to prison! OK, Nikki admits that everything Phyllis said was true.

In another visiting room, Britney notes that Sharon was arrested on February 14th. If it wasn’t about work or to arrest you, why was Detective Rosales at your house on Valentine’s Day?

At Jabot, Summer fusses over her Mom. It’s not your fault Chris twisted your words. Dad won’t blame you. Phyllis isn’t so sure.

At CL’s, Mariah asks Nick if ‘we’re OK’. Yes – but he’s obviously still pissed off at Tessa. Thanking Mariah for what she did in court yesterday, he leaves in a hurry.

Nikki admits that she lied about following JT to the park – she confessed because she couldn’t watch Victor be taken away for something she did. Put me on the stand – Nikki will explain that it was Vikki or JT. She killed JT to save her daughter’s life. As the victim, Vikki feels that she should be the one to take the stand.

At CL’s, Tessa mopes to Mariah that Nick hates her and won’t forgive her for blackmailing his Mom and sister. It hasn’t come out – yet. But it’s far from over.

Back at Jabot, Summer’s sure Phyllis can win Nick back. Not after the way he looked at me, Phyllis disagrees. Summer’s pep talk is interrupted when Kyle arrives for some back and forth. After Phyllis leaves, Summer blurts out that she’s a match for Lola.

No, Summer’s NOT joking. This is amazing! Kyle lifts her up. You’re amazing! We need to get to the hospital! Not so fast – we’re talking about cutting something out of my body. No, Summer’s not saying she won’t do it. She just needs to talk it over – but not here. Kyle will take her to the club to reassure her that it’s the right thing to do. Summer smirks as she grabs her purse.

Sharon explains her complicated relationship with Rey – we had an emotional connection. Then his wife came to town and they got back together. She sees no point in ruining Rey’s reputation. The point is to keep you out of prison – let me decide if it’s important, Britney presses. Sharon then confides that Rey came over to say that his marriage was over and that he loved her.

Vikki can tell the jury how it felt to be JT’s victim – how terrified they all were and why they did what they did. A frustrated Mike needs to win this case on the facts (which they have a tenuous grasp of) You’ve been inconsistent. Chris will send me a gift basket if I put you on the stand. Did you see what she did to Phyllis, her own witness? Mike has another idea – one they won’t like.