Friday, March 1st, 2019

Mike confirms Chris’ assumption that Britney doesn’t feel a deal is in her clients’ best interests. They then disagree on whether his clients are a threat to anyone. Tell that to JT – the DA’s job is to make sure justice is served. And why would Chris make a deal when things are going her way? After debating what’s ‘fair’, Chris refuses to consider Mike’s offer. Passing Chris as she exits, Britney’s back to assume correctly that things didn’t go well.

Nick’s surprised to find Phyllis still there (and has packed up the rest of her things) She thought what they had was worth fighting for (and that he did too) Nick no longer recognizes Phyllis – and if she hasn’t changed, that just makes him an even bigger fool. You know your way out, he leaves her to wheel her luggage down the hall.

Back on the CL’s patio, Mariah wants to go to Australia, to see the great barrier reef. Eeeuw no – giant spiders – Tessa would rather go scale Mount Everest – be on top of the world. That sounds more ‘cold’ than ‘cool’ to Mariah. How about San Francisco – where we had our first kiss? We can leave as soon as the trial’s over. Tessa then gets a call – now?? she’s nervous.

Britney visits Sharon to update that Mike convinced Nikki and Vikki to plead guilty but Chris rejected any deal. Your case is stronger on it’s own. Sharon’s not convinced – she was just as involved. Yes, they weren’t tricked into confessing. Do you really think Rey didn’t manipulate you? Think about it; the entire relationship. Sharon goes over their friendship; becoming Rey’s landlord, co-worker – then declaring his love for her. It was all a lie. He tricked you – that spells acquittal to Britney.

Meanwhile, Mike updates Nikki and Vikki that Chris is playing hardball – no deal. What’s your next move? the ladies wonder. Mike already made it.

With Mariah at the courthouse, Tessa’s freaking out about Mike calling her in as a witness. Neither are sure how her blackmail scheme could possibly help his clients’ case.

At the club, Summer’s terrified by the research she’s done on being a living donour. It’d be a huge sacrifice; you’d be a hero, especially to me, Kyle takes her hand. He’ll do whatever it takes to get her to do this – name it. Yes, he really means it. He’ll even break up with Lola and marry Summer if that’s what it takes (to save Lola’s life)