Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Nick joins Billy at Vikki’s – the women have their passports and some clothes (they can buy whatever else they need when settled) Yes, he’s sure he wasn’t followed. Good, Billy checked in with Vikki, she and the other two are sitting tight at the warehouse. Now, they just have to wait til the jet arrives. Moving to the dining room, they lower their voices. No sign of JT (per the guards) Billy doesn’t seem to trust them or Rey. He’s risking his career, Nick points out – he wouldn’t back out on Sharon.

At GCM, Rey thanks Nate. Arturo will be with Lola while he attends to a few things. Call me if anything changes. Rey then gets a call from Chris – she and Paul have been trying to reach Rey. She’s happy to hear that Lola’s doing well – but we have three fugitives on the loose. Rey questioned the driver and guard and is doing anything he can to find the fugitives. Really? You just confessed on the stand to being in love with one of the escapees. Love makes people do foolish things.

At the cabin, Nikki wishes they really were being used as bait – she’d love to give JT a piece of her mind. When Sharon chimes in about Rey being on their side, Nikki snaps back sarcastically. Vikki calls for an end to the arguing – we need to stick together.

In the woods, a guard finds his partner unconscious and without his uniform. Before he can call it in, JT hits him over the head from behind.

Did you hear something? Vikki wants to check with the guards. As JT ties up the guard he just knocked out, Vikki opens the door and steps outside; hello? hello? JT hides.

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse, Phyllis gripes as she strolls over to Victor at the club. Find another seat/another bar, Victor growls. Phyllis claims that she testified to help Nikki, Vikki and Sharon (who was the one who blabbed to Rey) Also, blame Chris – she’s the one who twisted my words. OMG, Phyllis is stunned – look at the TV. Your wife and daughter are fugitives.

Back at Vikki’s, Nick’s on the phone – still no sign of JT? He’s an expert – this is no normal perimeter check. Call me when you see him ~click~ Billy’s impatient and assumes the ladies are too. Calling to check on them, Nick’s alarmed – the call didn’t go through. Try again, reception’s spotty up there, Billy says.

On the back patio, JT hides as Vikki calls out to the guards – why aren’t they answering?? I heard something. It’s the wind – or the guards, Nikki reassures. Back inside, Vikki answers Nick’s call (much to his relief) No, JT hasn’t made his move at the warehouse – but he will; hang tight – Nick won’t let anything happen to them. Promise you won’t leave the cabin. This will all be over soon. Keep us posted, Vikki hangs up and leaves the phone on the table. JT eyes it from outside the french doors.

Something’s not right, JT should have taken the bait by now, Billy also worries about Rosales. OK, Nick will go check in with him – Billy’s to stay and make some fake calls. If this goes wrong, both will blame Rey (who’s at the station and unable to take Nick’s call because Chris is questioning his commitment to finding the escapees) Citing his stellar career, Rey vows he’s committed to doing the right thing.