Monday, March 18th, 2019

The plan is for Nikki, Sharon and Vikki to hide out at the cabin. The guards will hold off on reporting the accident/escape and Rey will hold up the investigation while Nick and Billy look for JT (who taught Katie to sing one of his songs while being her mystery friend) Nikki wants to help find JT but Nick deems the rest of the plan too dangerous.

Anna hurriedly puts wads of cash into an envelope and then her purse when Devon comes home. Off to run some errands, she drops her purse and the envelope spills out. After Anna’s hasty exit, a suspicious Devon follows.

At GCM, Abby confronts Kyle – just nod your head if I’m right. Summer’s the donor and she blackmailed you into marriage to save Lola’s life.

Nick’s put together a security team – the ladies will just have to trust them. When Rey calls Nick, he updates briefly then hands the phone to Sharon. She knows this isn’t easy – you could lose everything. Some things are worth the risk, Rey has so much to say to Sharon. Her too, but Nick signals that it’s time to end the call.

Kyle denies that Summer’s blackmailing him – we’ve always been connected. Abby’s not buying it – you and Lola are in love. Be honest – it’s just the two of us. Kyle is being honest. Abby continues to grill him over the hasty wedding. Why can’t you just be happy for us? Kyle sticks to his story (as Arturo hovers in the background, listening)

Thank you Mrs Martinez, Kerry calls out towards the kitchen as she walks into the living room to find it’s been made into a fort of blankets. Jack emerges roaring. Yes, roaring.

At CL’s, Mariah lists everything that’s troubling her right now – including poor Faith and Tessa. You’re a powerful woman with a platform – you can help people, Tessa is determined to cheer up (and motivate) Mariah.