Monday, April 15th, 2019

Thanks to Riley for doing todays show.

On her way out to go shopping, Summer schedules her appointment with Jack to go over her ideas for the Jabot Collective. Jack and Kyle are left to discuss exactly what details Kyle did – and didn’t – mention to Summer about Kyle’s feelings towards Lola. Jack has done his part, when are you going to break Summer’s heart, Kyle? And how are you going to make it seem like it’s her decision to end the relationship?

Abby agrees to entertain Arturo for five minutes. Surely nothing he can say will repair the pain he has caused. Actually, that’s not really why he’s here. Arturo finally admits that yes, there is some truth to what Abby has been saying all along. Of course, the lifestyle Abby lives is unusual – in the best way possible. And yes, he did get caught up in it. However, he is still in love with Abby and is ready to own up to everything he has done to hurt her. “That’t not the kind of man I want to be.”

Christine and Paul meet to discuss Lola’s case. Paul wants to trust Rey, but he knows he is hiding information. Paul sends a text to Rey, who is standing outside of Sharon’s door, warning that he better have some new information by the end of the day. A surprise visit from Rey, Sharon suspects something is up. Rey prepares himself to share a secret with Sharon.

Abby falls down the rabbit hole of believing Arturo’s words and decides that he is worth a second chance. Besides. Abby knows what it’s like to be on the other side of a cheating scandal. As the two reconcile, Mia rushes in, unimpressed by what she is seeing before her eyes. And she isn’t leaving without Arturo.

Rey tells Sharon that Mia went to the Abbott house to confront Abby, and explains that Mia thought Lola was Abby because she was wearing her coat. Sharon has to sit down as Rey continues. Rey joins her, trying to rationalize why he couldn’t arrest Mia. “She was pregnant…I chose to protect the baby.” Rey acknowledges that the baby may not even be his, but the baby doesn’t deserve to be born into an unsafe environment. Unfortunately, the case is still active as Paul refuses to let go, which puts Rey into an unfathomable position as the new lead investigator. Paul knows that Rey wants back onto the force, and is putting the pressure on Rey even more knowing that he has information.

Paul explains Rey’s story to Christine. Things aren’t adding up and someone knows something. Paul is keeping his eyes on everyone, knowing that he and Arturo are in this together. Nikki interrupts their conversation, visibly distressed. She needs help with Victor.

With Mia refusing to leave without Arturo, and Arturo ditching the idea of spending any more time around Mia, Abby is sent into a whirlwind of anger. How about both of you get out? Pointing to the door, she sends them both on their way.

With Sharon’s knowledge of the truth, Rey must ensure Sharon is willing to help cover up the story. What’s covering up one more crime? But of course, Sharon can’t betray Rey. She assures him that she will stand by his side.

So what is exactly is wrong with Victor? Well.. nothing for sure.. but why isn’t he at home. Nikki requests that Paul uses his contacts to help figure out what Victor is up to.. off the record. Of course Paul can’t help her, but what he can try to do is assure her that whatever Victor is doing is harmless.

Summer comes home surprised to find Jack still home. But since he is, let’s push up the appointment. Summer shows Jack a list of celebrities, social media influencers and even politicians who she believes would help drive the sales for Jabot. Jack pretends to be impressed with her work and she is buying the performance. Well Jack, if you like my ideas so much, maybe there’s something you could help me with in return?

Kyle sneaks out to meet with Lola. About yesterday.. things didn’t quite go to plan.

If things didn’t work with Paul, maybe Rey can help Nikki. She sits him down and offers money for his resources. While he doesn’t give her a definite yes, she thanks him for considering and expects that he will be in touch. Leaving him to make his decision, Rey smirks.

Jack is thrown off when Summer is seeking help on how to tell Victor she is leaving Newman rather than asking for relationship advice with Kyle. It begins to dawn on Jack that Summer’s intentions are good and that she has no idea what he and Kyle are planning.

Kyle, you made it clear right? You told her you were dumping her, right? Of course not, how could he? Especially when she took all the news so well. Kyle covers it up by telling Lola he is trying to protect her against the revenge Phyllis and Summer will seek if he dumps Summer for her. Imagine how bad the PR would be from this. Lola isn’t happy with his explanation but understands his reasoning.

Opposite from her demeanor towards Abby, Mia begs Arturo to hear her out. Arturo needs to tell everyone Mia was with him the night Lola was attacked. Arturo realizes that it was Lola all along who is guilty. With a look of disgust and shame, Arturo tells Mia he would never help her. Would it change his mind if she told him she was pregnant with his baby? Arturo doesn’t buy it. Until she shows him the ultrasound photo and tells him she is three months pregnant. Not sure what to say, Arturo storms away.

Fine, take some more time to break up with Summer. But, there is one condition: do not sleep with Summer, Kyle. Lola leaves Kyle to head back to work and is met by Summer who stands down the hallway.

Paul warns Christine that staying out of the Nikki/Victor drama is the best policy. And with that advice, Christine heads back to work. Paul sticks around to witness Rey and Arturo meeting at the bar, only encouraging his suspicions. Man to man, Rey puts aside his anguish towards his brother and Mia to assert his belief that they both must do whatever they can to protect Mia and the baby. And Arturo agrees. Great, everyone is on the same page. Rey has nothing more to say to his brother and ends the conversation at that.

Summer is oblivious to the real reason Kyle is there at the restaurant. She just thinks he is stopping by to speak with Abby.. And why are you here, Summer? Well, I came to get food and saw your car. Kyle diffuses any potential confrontation by taking Summer out.

Abby confides in Lola about her reaction to seeing Arturo. She says it wasn’t a bad experience, and instead he was honest, remorseful and almost a different person. On the other hand, Mia is still in the picture, and it seems like she always will be.

Paul approaches Rey, searching for an update.

Dina inquires about the new Jabot poster Jack takes out from his orange envelope. Jack does his best in explaining the new fashion division at Jabot that is going to appeal to the younger demographic. When he asks for his mother’s opinion, she looks him dead in the eye and tells him, “I think you’re ruining your father’s legacy.” Jack looks back at her in disbelief.

Nikki sits at Victor’s desk, peering at an invoice from a psychiatrist. She looks up at the portrait of him on the wall saying, “I am going to find out what you’re up to, Victor.”

So what do you have for me Rey? Well, Arturo has confirmed he was with Mia the night Lola was attacked. In fact, Rey does his best trying to sell the idea that maybe Lola wasn’t attacked after all. Of course, Paul isn’t buying the story. What about the phone that was smashed? The footprint? And the earring? Rey deflects each piece of evidence that Paul throws back at him. Paul takes a deep breathing, turning away from Rey before suggesting that maybe they were just missing some valuable information.

Lola pours a much-needed drink for herself and Abby, Enough talk about Arturo and Mia, and more celebrating their success!

Sharon vents about how her wonderful her meeting with Jack went. After noticing his lack of attention towards the subject, they address the elephant in the room. Summer knows there is more to the Lola situation than Kyle had mentioned. Kyle finally tells her about her mother’s involvement in all of this. Summer begins to cry, feeling betrayed by her mother, Kyle, Jack and the entire world.