Friday, April 12th, 2019

Nikki drops by Vikki’s for a Motherly scolding about running away from her problems. It worked out OK – Vikki’s faced her fears and is moving forward – thanks to Billy. Yes, he was there – he tracked me down. We’re taking things very slowly. Nikki looks dubious.

Billy’s at home updating Traci with the same news. He and Vikki balance each other out. When Cane comes knocking, Traci all but shoves Billy aside to let him in.

Devon comes downstairs to hear Ana and Jet making beautiful music at the piano. Let me sign you to the LP, he offers. No way, Jet’s firm.

Jack looks around at the restaurant Abby’s excited to be opening soon. He has an idea to launch her into the stratosphere. Abby puts on her ‘what now, Uncle Jack?’ smile.

As expected, Jack pitches his idea to launch Jabot Collective at Abby’s opening. But no, she won’t betray her Mother. She’s staying neutral until Jack and Ashley make amends. Understanding, Jack will attend the opening and leave his agenda at home ~hug~

Jet doesn’t think his voice is good enough anymore to hit the studio – my time is passed. Devon disagrees and raves about what a fan he is. In fact, Jets voice inspired him to go into the music business. As Elana listens on the staircase, Jet agrees. Devon shares a smile and look with her.

Vikki explains that she and Billy reconciled after an honest talk. Nikki (of all people) isn’t sure it’s a healthy relationship. But, what really alarms her is the news that Vikki hosted a poker game. Why would you do that??

Cane’s at the house to apologize for almost knocking Billy out. That wasn’t going to happen, Billy’s sure. As Traci mediates, Cane admits that Billy’s not to blame for his marriage failing. Billy accepts the apology and leaves Traci to praise Cane for doing the right thing. She’s pleased to hear that Lily’s being released this week but taken aback when Cane asks for help getting back together with her.