Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Hollywood glam seems to be the theme of the night for Abby. Back and forth Abby paces in her silver glitter suit, scrutinizing Marco over the phone. That software you sold me, SUCKS! Fix the problem, NOW.

As if her software malfunctions aren’t enough, Lola isn’t prepared for opening night either. Tessa, my produce hasn’t showed up yet. And the protein shipment sits in the back of a truck stuck in highway traffic. Always the voice of reason, Tessa takes a much more relaxed approach. Did you tell Abby? I tried. Dont worry, Lola.. Abby has faith in you. (Seriously, Tessa? I take back what I said about her being the voice of reason.) Her attempts at calming Lola down fail, drastically. Abby put her faith in Lola and without her ingredients Lola won’t have anything to serve.

Summer emerges from upstairs and notices Kyle looking inside a jewelry box… could it be? Don’t get your hopes up, Summer. Kyle quickly hides the box when Summer makes her presence known. Summer is all smiles as she pours herself a glass of water.. am I interrupting anything?

Finally, Lily is free! No better way to celebrate than her future ex-husband greeting her with an array of gifts. Nice going, Cane.

Violently ending her conversation with Marco, Abby can’t afford any more disappointments for the night. But in walks Arturo holding the ultrasound photo anyways. Before he can reach her, she notices him first. What the hell are you doing here?

I’m not free until you sign the divorce papers. A table full of gifts wont fix Lily and Cane’s marriage. Lily stays very monotone despite Cane’s desperation. She makes a good point – don’t throw the vows in my face when you’re the one who broke them. This is why I came here: I came to get ready for Abby and Devon’s opening, to pack, and then leave. That’s all there is to it. Cane asks whether or not he has a say in it, although keep in mind he’s the one who cheated and lied about it. Lily’s attitude starts to change at the mention of Cane cheating. Placing her hands on her head and leaning closer, she begins to lose her composure. You had one job Cane: Protect the family. And you couldn’t do that so it’s too late. Cane won’t give up on her but it’s clear she just wants to be free without having to worry about what is and isn’t true. But Lily, he’s dedicating his life to being a better father and if you can give him just a few minutes of your time, hear him out.

Opening night is the perfect time to do “couple” things. Summer is all about it however Kyle has other plans in mind. Can we catch a movie instead? Besides, seeing Lola would be awkward. Summer likes to keep a positive attitude..the more you see her, the more normal it will become so why not start now. It’s the perfect time to show off your wife, Kyle! She’s an Abbott now! Reluctantly, Kyle follows Summer to their room hand-in hand to get ready for the event.

Take it easy, Abby. Arturo just came to congratulate her and Lola. It’s a big night for them. Shifting the conversation, what’s this about the software? Isn’t it the one we researched? Forget about our issues, go give that guy hell. I will, but what about that photo you were just looking at, Arturo? Before he can answer Abby’s phone is buzzing again.

Boxes arrive for Lola, but it’s not what she ordered. Pineapple and sour fruit sit inside, ready to be cooked with. There’s nothing Lola can do with this stuff. Arturo swoops in, offering to help save the day. Give me a list and some waiters with their cars, we can figure something out. The opening is in a few short hours and Lola is fearful there isn’t enough time. Tessa’s slowly starting to lose her mind as well. “Everyone just breathe!” Together, Lola, Tessa and Arturo all practice taking deep breaths. Lola, use that big brain of yours and get it done, we all know you can. Tessa is assigned to getting Lola whatever she needs, while Arturo trusts himself to deal with Abby.

Marco is taken care of, but the problems persist. Now, the fire alarm has chosen to go off as it pleases. Maintenance won’t have the part to fix it for another few days, so we have to make something of it. Abby adds maintenance to her hit list (I’m starting to think that after tonight she won’t have a voice left either with all the yelling she’s having to do.) Not to worry, Abby. Arturo happens to walk by and save the day – and maybe the employee’s life too. I can handle this, I know we can definitely figure something out.

Kyle suddenly can’t wait to get to the restaurant now that Summer’s got her eyes on his prize. I’m sure they could use some extra hands on deck, says Kyle. They’ve got it all under control, there’s no rush. Well we won’t know until we get there, I’m gonna go shower! As soon as he walks away, Summer rummages through his coat pocket in search for the mysterious jewelry box. Inside, she find a gold necklace with a heart.

Lily’s glad to hear that Cane is getting some helpful advice from someone. “I’m glad you’re getting some clarity.” Cane explains the steps he’s taking to changing; giving up Chancellor, his old lifestyle, committing his life to his family. Lily is surprised to hear he is quitting Chancellor. Maybe giving Cane one more chance is something that needs some serious consideration. Lily is puzzled, it’s not an easy task to forgive the man who broke your heart and who deceived you twice.

Pick a dress, Kyle. It’s between one she’s never worn and the one she knows looks good on her. Summer suggests the new dress needs a special accessory to make it worth trying out. Kyle is short with her, “Hm, maybe!” Neither one of them has any idea what’s really going on. I’ll meet you downstairs, Summer. Downstairs, Kyle shoots Lola back a text. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Summer opts for the new dress, hoping that necklace will become part of the outfit for the night. A red gift bag joins her, a gift for Lola, from the two of them. Poor Summer, she really is a sweet girl. A chef’s knife with the initials “LR” engraved on it sits inside a black box. How can you continuously deceive such a naive girl, Kyle?

Working for you has been such a fantastic distraction, Lola. Tessa shares the story from the night before. Clearly, the note is all Tessa can think about. If anything happened to Mariah, Tessa would lose her mind. But tonight is not the time to be thinking about that. Things are back on track in the kitchen thanks to the help of Tessa and opening night isn’t getting any further, so back to work.

Finishing touches are on their way, and the fire alarm appears to no longer be an issue. Arturo is getting the technician to switch out some parts from a nearby construction site. In return, Arturo offered him some work in the future. Abby is taken aback, you’d really do that for me? Well, it was for my sister but if anyone else benefits from it that’s great. She’d love to stay and tease him back, her phone is buzzing again. This time, it’s Devon. Things are going great! Abby’s even laughing and smiling now.

Once thought to be a short conversation, Cane and Lily are still discussing as the day turns into night. We all want to believe Cane’s intentions are true, but that doesn’t change the hurt that he has caused Lily over the years. Changing your life is great, but it doesn’t mean I want to fix us. “I wasn’t concerned with fixing a broken relationship, I just wanted to find a way to put it all behind me.” After hours of trying, Cane sees that there is no changing her mind. Let’s just move forward, for now. Lily stands from the table to go pack her things.

A random blackout isn’t enough to upset Abby anymore. When the lights come back on, she runs into Arturo, who is on his way out to grab the parts. Things aren’t exactly perfect between them, but his help can’t go unnoticed. Their confrontation is short, but ends on good terms, with Arturo wishing her all the best. Passing by him is Kyle and Summer. Wow! Summer is in awe! It looks amazing here, do you have time for a tour? Kyle sneaks over to Lola to give her the necklace, still peeking over his shoulder every other second. Tucking it in her chef’s coat, Lola and Kyle take every second they have to catch up.

Lily transforms into a fashionista, dazzling in a red, sequined mini dress. And to go along with her new look is her new job which she tells Cane about. Teaching seems to be passion and that is why she’ll be working full time at the jail where the warden has offered to pay her. And the kids? They’ll be going to a state school. But that’s besides the point. Lily needs to go now since she’s leaving tonight. Tonight? That’s a lot of driving. Stay the night. I’ll sleep on the couch, I just want you to be comfortable for one last night here. And before you answer, I have one last favor…

With the tour coming to an end, Abby squeals as Tessa runs over to confirm everyone is ready for service. Things are going smoothly, alas! Let’s get some music going! And the fire alarm, fuse box, everything? Arturo’s got it all covered. Everyone’s happy except for Summer. She’s got a front row view of Kyle gushing over Lola. After seeing enough, it’s time for her to speak up. “Congratulations, Lola.”

Let me go with you to the opening. Tonight is about Devon and people are going to be asking why I’m not there. Lily seems confused but after some thought it makes sense for Cane to join her tonight. We can tell people about the divorce tomorrow.

Keeping it civil, Summer reminds Kyle that they were supposed to congratulate Lola together. By the way, we almost didn’t come tonight, Kyle had his heart set on a quiet night. But we came, together, to support you. We brought a gift for you. Summer pushes the “We’re married” agenda in the most passive-aggressive manner. WE almost didn’t come tonight. WE got you this gift, from the bottom of OUR hearts.

Abby gives the entire crew one final speech before their doors open. “Society is officially open!” Opening up the doors, Abby is shocked to see not one diner is waiting outside.

While engaged in conversation, Lola pulls the necklace outside her coat. Saying nothing, the realizations strikes Summer that the gift was never meant for her in the first place.