Wednesday, April 17th, 2019


Let’s take this outside Phyllis…away from the kids. Vick, you sure you’re okay with that? Yes, just go, now. I’ll be waiting. Billy gives Victoria the ring to hold onto and think over.

Stay optimistic! The police should be able to get some good fingerprints from the note left for Mariah. Tessa accompanies Mariah back to Sharon’s where she and Rey analyze the replica of the note. Surely, with security footage and the note, Officer Haybach should be able to make do. Sharon gets an idea…Tessa, did you tell the cops about that time you were attacked? Mariah interjects reminding her mother that the note had nothing to do with Tessa.

Sitting at the piano, Jett and Ana runs through their performance for the opening. We can cancel if you’re not ready, Jett. He catches on quickly knowing it’s Ana who’s more nervous. Nonetheless, neither of them feel prepared. The only question that remains is, “How do we tell Devon?”

I didn’t mean it like that, Mariah! I’m sorry. Rey goes into full-investigator mode. Has this happened before? Is there anyone who you think would want to hurt you? Any recent messages similar to this one? Maybe..I have to check my E-mails. Tessa volunteers. Mariah wants everyone to drop the topic altogether. Besides, it’s just a one-time thing and they’re probably going to get away with it.

Believe me, I would never force my artists to do anything they weren’t comfortable doing. Devon seems a little disappointed, but not because of the facts. Unveiling a poster with Ana and Jett’s faces on it, Devon asks, “What am I supposed to do with this?”

After keeping Phyllis waiting at her suite, Billy finally joins her. You just interrupted a proposal, this better be good. Wanting no part of the conversation, Billy just assumes she is angry over Jabot. Have you already forgotten the pain you caused Summer? She sure hasn’t forgotten that you slept with her.

Cops will be patrolling the neighborhood tonight, but are you sure you two don’t just want to stay here the night? It would put everyone’s minds at ease. In addition, someone should let Devon know what’s going on. We could use all the security we can get. Mariah thinks it’s all too much, why am I going to let this one thing disrupt my entire life? Rey keeps the conversation serious: change up your routine, get your coffee elsewhere, be on high alert and most importantly, trust your instincts. Again, too excessive. And by the way, I’m staying at home tonight!

Looking at social media comments, everyone was looking forward to their performance tonight. There’s no way Ana and Jett can back down now. With Devon’s words of encouragement and the unmistakable demonstration of love for his artists, the two decide to carry on with the gig.

Sleeping with Summer was the worst mistake of my life, and we all know I regret it. Yeah, but Billy, the fact is you keep kicking me while I’m down and it needs to end before I make sure everyone knows what you did with my daughter. What are you going to do to make it better?

In return for all of the advice given to Summer, Sharon shares some of her most valuable advice with Rey. Do not be fooled by Nikki. And don’t get involved. Victor will not react well to finding out his wife asked for your help. Victor is a grown man who can take care of himself.

With the ring in hand, Victoria remains undecided. A message to her father asking for his help may be exactly what Victor needs to hear.”…Please come home.” As she sits patiently awaiting a response, flashbacks of notorious arguments with Billy flow through her mind.

That’s what this is about? A list of demands? What can I possibly give you? Well Billy, there’s actually a lot you can do for Phyllis in terms of compensation. Capital. To start her own business. If you can get her this money, she’ll be done with you, and in fact, she’ll be done arguing with everyone. Finally, Phyllis will be able to take her future back into her own hands and have a new beginning.

Opening night is coming up and Elena still doesn’t have an outfit. Being a med student did not help her in terms of having a closet full of party dresses. Devon hears her and Ana searching and offers the girls a free shopping trip- courtesy of him. Elena coldly rejects the offer.

I have to help Nikki. I accused her husband of murder, I owe them. Rey can’t be convinced otherwise.

On the flip side of all the pain Billy has caused her, Victoria cant help but remember the countless fun times, specifically their time spent in Jamaica. Billy finally returns to her, meaning the time has come for her to make her decision.

Hand-outs are not Elena’s thing, Devon. You should’ve known better than that. Let’s just accept that she isn’t willing to spend her own money and that she is happy borrowing from a friend. Devon has other plans.

With the topic of the Newman’s totally behind them, Sharon and Ray share some intimate time together.

Lightly sharing why Phyllis barged in to Victoria’s house, Billy is looking to talk about more important things. What have you decided? Things aren’t that simple. Victoria isn’t able to give Billy an answer. She’s worried about what a disaster they could be. (I mean, look at how the proposal was interrupted.)

Elena joins Ana back downstairs again, remorseful for the way she turned down Devon. Truthfully, her reaction was a little uncalled for. Elena’s facial expression changes as Devon comes downstairs with a collection of gowns from Hilary’s closet. Showing each one individually, Elena is breathless. There’s no way you’re okay with me wearing one of your wife’s dresses. He puts the dresses down to explain that this is exactly what Hilary would’ve done, and that he is more than okay with this.

You’re going to take the job helping Nikki, aren’t you? Sharon already knows the answer. “I promise not to be gone an hour longer than I need to be… this is where I belong.”

Phyllis sits in bed thoughtfully typing on her computer.

Billy isn’t taking no for an answer. Victoria reminds him that she wanted to take things slow. Well yes, we have been. It’s been 4/5 years (since the divorce – very funny Billy). Let’s think this through, we don’t want to hurt the kids. While that is a fair point, Billy is confident in saying that they know each other very well, and know where not to step. This is a forever decision, a decision that will bring the family back together. Finally, Billy respects Victoria’s decision, “as long as you aren’t saying no.”