Monday; April 22nd, 2019

In her silver sequined suite, Abby buzzes around her busy restaurant. Traci congratulates Devon (who gives Abby the credit) and jokes that she has a hot date with her laptop (she’s working on a new book) Briefly mentioning her siblings’ rivalry, Traci bows out so Devon can give Lily a warm welcome (as Cane hovers)

Griping about whatever her Father’s up to, Vikki’s dressed in ‘spectacular’ fashion for Abby’s launch. Billy’s smile fades when Victor comes knocking at the door – he needs to talk to Vikki about something.

Dad and the twins are on their way, Lilly updates Devon. No way she’d miss this big night. Cane ‘tagged along’ to keep the focus on his night.

In the kitchen, Tessa wonders why Lola’s not celebrating.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer’s pissed – all she wanted was a night out (and now her mood’s ruined – thanks to Nick) what was her Dad frothing at the mouth about anyway? He saw me kissing Lola, Kyle admits.

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The launch party in full swing, Devon takes Lily off chat with Ana (who introduces Jet and then Ana) That leaves Traci thrilled to see him arrive with Lily. Cane thanks Traci for making him take a long hard look at himself. He gave notice at Chancellor. Lily? She’s supportive but still divorcing him. Traci still has hope.

Victor speaks of running into Brandon in Vegas (so knows he told Vikki that he was gambling). Victor claims that he was trying to land a big fish; a hotel conglomerate – big business. business. That’s some story – neither Billy or Vikki buy it.

Abby takes to the stage to thank Devon and Lola (who’s summoned out to take a bow) I’m so proud of this woman! Lola thanks all – her dreams are coming true – enjoy. Abby then announces that Jett will be taking the stage again; this time with his talented daughter, Ana. Prepared to be wowed by Society after dark.

Singing again? Yes, Ana tells Lily that sometimes you have to be open to breaking your own rules. Nate takes Abby aside – a night club is exactly what GC needs. Both look forward to a dance later.