Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

At the house, Ashley wraps up a video chat with her crew in Paris as Jack comes down grumbling about her suggestion to change the company name; Jabot to Abbott Exchange. Abby interrupts the bickering with bad news – Neil died last night.

You ARE back, Nikki barges in to comment that Victor stopped by Vikki’s then spent the night here, in his office. Explain this – she hands over a bill – who’s seeing a shrink and why are you paying for it? Victor’s about to explain when Jack calls. What? What? Victor bleats.

At the penthouse, Devon, Lily and the family console one another. Even Cane and Devon have put their issues aside. Across the room, Lily interrogates Nate – you’re a doctor – how did we miss the signs – what did we do wrong?

Nate shares what little he knows from the ER doctor who took Devon’s call last night. Devon describes finding Neil seemingly asleep in bed. Lily’s in disbelief – a stroke!? The way Devon found Neil indicates that he didn’t suffer – he died peacefully in his sleep, Nate opines.

Abby hovering behind Jack at their house, Victor relays the news to Nikki and puts her on speakerphone. OMG, she weeps – how’s Devon doing? It’s a terrible loss, a teary Victor thanks Jack for calling him – give my love to Abby ~click~ The Abbott’s worry about Devon (so soon after losing Hilary) and mourn the loss of Neil, such a fine man.

When Cane and Nate offer to help make arrangements, Devon sends Cane to get paperwork Neil had drawn up while Nate goes to console the weepy twins. Devon offers Lily a supportive hug then insisting he’s fine, takes over coffee duty from Ana.

Look at those eyes, Nikki weeps over a photo on Neil on her phone as she and Victor both appreciate what he meant to fellow addict Nikki. This is awful, Victor hangs his head at his desk. Neil’s poor children.