Thursday, April 25th, 2019

At Devon’s penthouse, Malcolm has an arm draped around him and Lily as he encourages everyone to gather around the piano – no more tears. Ana sings a happy tune that all sing and clap along too. Neil would have loved it all agree. Devon then puts the needle to vinyl to play a jazz song Lily recognizes as Dad’s favorite.

Over champagne, all reminisce about Neil opening a jazz club, Indigo. Flashback to him and Devon standing in the empty building. Jack’s glad to be celebrating Neil’s life. Malcolm agrees and raises a glass – to Neil, all chime in unison. Lily looks grief-stricken.

Devon appreciates Mariah’s concern – he’s grateful for how blessed he is – thanks to Neil. Another flashback – wearing his ear device, Devon shares his dreams to produce music. Neil believes in him.

Jill quietly asks Cane how Lily took the news that he’s leaving Chancellor to work on their marriage. No, his gesture didn’t work, but Cane won’t give up on proving he can be the man she deserves.

On the staircase, Lily and Malcolm chat about how rebellious she was – running away with Daniel, getting arrested – Dad always stood by me. Flashback to a young Lily crying in Neil’s arms. Malcolm believes his brother was right – Lily’s strong and will persevere.

Billy offers Lily his condolences. She wants to focus on all the amazing moments she shared with her Dad.

Victor and Jack spar about who discovered Neil; a rising star first hired by John Abbott. Your Father and I knew talent when we saw it, Victor chuckles. Flashback to Neil working with both titans; Jack hiring him as Jabot’s CEO. Then, Devon pitching Hamilton Winters Group to his Dad. There’s nobody he’d rather work with, they shake hands. Teary-eyed, Devon will carry on his Dad’s legacy. Jack and Victor know he’d be proud.

Sofia and Ashley have a nice chat about their complicated history with Neil. Flashback to him giving Sofia a necklace to thank her for Moses. There will never be another man like him, they agree.

No job is more important than family, Jack agrees. Nothing could keep Malcolm away. When Vikki comes along, Jack not so discreetly goes to check out the fruit platter. Your brother was dear to me and my family, Vikki assures Malcolm.

Aside, Jill asks Billy what’s going on with Vikki – and is delighted to hear they’re back together and can barely contain her joy when Vikki comes over to suggest she and Billy go home to spend some time together and with their kids.

Sharon and Nikki tell Lily that Neil never completely got over losing Dru – he was inspired to always help lift people up. Both are grateful for Neil saving them. I could always rely on him, Nikki flashes back to a heartfelt discussion with her most loyal friend. You’ll always have a friend in me, Nikki hugs Lily.

An Amber Alert broke into the show for a minute or so.

Ana thanks Mariah and Sharon for their concern and support – she’ll be watching over Devon.

As Nick talks to Devon and Lily about what a good man their Dad was, Victor tucks his phone in his pocket and tells Nikki it’s time to go – he has something to discuss with her. Nate and Malcolm agree not to let so much time pass between seeing each other. Both will miss Neil. Flashback to Malcolm first appearing on the scene to challenge his brother (half brother, Neil reminds) Man, we knew how to push each other’s buttons. Sofia then talks to Malcolm as he flashes back to the brothers making amends. Both will miss him so much.

Malcolm and Jack hug – we both lost a best friend. Flashback to Jack seeking support from Neil. He’ll leave a big hole in our lives. Traci, then Ashley exchange a few nice words before the three Abbott’s exit.

Ana sent off to get Devon a drink, Devon looks at a framed photo of Hilary, then recalls how happy Neil was that they were expecting a baby. Now down to just the Winters, Hamilton, Ashby families, Malcolm encourages all to share Neil’s love for family. Looking upwards, he has an idea he thinks Neil will like.

Malcolm sets his camera on a tripod and sets a timer to take a family photo. Nate, taking Sofia (Moses) and Malcolm to the airport. Lily’s leaving with Cane and the kids – I love you, she tells Devon. Then a hug from Malcolm. We’re here for both of you, Sofia pledges.

At the office, Nikki’s frustrated to hear that Victor has to catch a flight. Yes, he’s leaving again. Trust me, my baby. No, it’s not good enough for Nikki – she wants to know what he’s been up to. Plans have changed – it’s no longer prudent for Victor to explain. He has everything under control. I can’t tell you a damn thing. It’ll all become clear soon, he promises as he exits.

Alone with Devon, Ana fusses over her brother (who wants some time alone) I understand, Ana goes upstairs.

Today actually happened – we buried my Father, Lily’s in tears but tells Cane that she’s leaving first thing in the morning. She never meant to stay. Cane wishes she’d reconsider. Dad wanted me to lead the life I want to live. And no, sorry – she can’t do that with Cane (who’s left devastated and alone in his kitchen)

** another Amber Alert broke in but I think the show was over.