Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Excuse any typos etc. today. It was an incredibly well done, heartfelt show – but hard to watch.

As Ana’s heard singing Amazing Grace, Cane consoles Lily and the twins at home – full of flowers and cards of condolence.

Nikki and Victor share a hug.

Jack sends Abby and Ashley on ahead then lingers at home to sadly ponder what appears to be his sobriety coin.

Opening her front door, Sharon gives Nick a hug.

In her suite, Phyllis is still in her robe, carrying around her black dress.

At Vikki’s, Billy hugs Jill – then Vikki.

Devon answers his front door to cling to his Uncle Malcolm (who looks over at Nate with shared sadness)

At a chapel full of mourners, a teary-eyed Ana sings as the Ashby’s arrive. Malcolm hugs Lily. Devon holds back tears as he looks at Ana – then a large framed photo of Neil on display.

All seated, the Reverend stands beside the photo of Neil as he speaks of the shock and confusion – we ask why – the answer may never come. Sofia and Moses are solemn, as are Chris and Leslie. Neil knew that he was loved, the Reverand asserts – by his brother, his children, grandchildren and friends.

The Reverend invites Lily to speak but sitting back down in tears – she just can’t do it. Malcolm places a hand on the casket, then the framed photo of Neil – it’s hard to do something that shouldn’t have to be done – we shouldn’t be here – Neil was at his best – my brother made things better. He’d be giving a profound speech if he was here right now. He’d throw in some corny ass jokes. In Devon’s arms, Lily manages a chuckle. Malcolm continues – Neil loved him some jazz. I’m not him – I could never be him – I don’t have his words. An emotional Malcolm reflects on how Neil set him straight – you helped me become the man I am today. I miss you. I owe you. I love you, he chokes up.