Monday, April 29th, 2019

Vikki bursts into her Dad’s office looking for him – but instead finds her Mom still searching for clues on what he’s up to. He says we’re better off not knowing but that makes Nikki more determined to find out what’s going on with Victor.

At Sharon’s, Rey nods about poor Devon and Lily losing their Father after all they’ve been through then gets a text. No, it’s not Mia – Nikki’s hired him to find Victor. I’ll be able to pay the rent, Rey assures Sharon as he leaves to meet Nikki (though that’s not her concern)

At Jabot, Phyllis confronts Billy – warning him that it would be a mistake to back out of their deal.

Summer comes down to grumble that Kyle’s spending most of his time in the pool house and she’s still pissed that he used her for spare parts for Lola. Kyle can’t thank Summer enough. You can’t apologize enough either – Lola can’t give you what I can, Summer pouts. It’s over, Kyle’s gentle but firm in saying he wants Summer to accept that and move on. Jack appears – should I pretend I didn’t hear anything? Summer goes upstairs to pack – since Kyle’s ‘kicking me out’.

Jack lists the people Kyle’s broken promises to but knowing that he loves Lola, will ensure that Summer’s OK. Thanking his Dad, Kyle leaves Jack to claim that he had some work to go take care of. Summer whines – everyone thinks I’m getting what I deserve and whispering that I’m an idiot. Kyle promised me a year. Jack knows it’s a difficult situation – maybe you should go on vacation – and back to Newman. Summer doesn’t want to hear the word ‘divorce’ but appreciates that Jack will always think of her as family. Left alone, she turns to her phone.

Still in front of Jabot’s elevator, Billy will send Phyllis her money today – this is beginning to feel like extortion. Summer calls snivelling that she’ll meet her Mom at the suite to talk. Love you. Love you too ~click~ Billy reiterates that he will pay Phyllis but then it’s the end of ‘us’. When Phyllis agrees to his terms, Billy cuts her off with a curt ‘have a nice life’ (and walks off)

At the restaurant, Kyle updates Lola that Summer knows they kissed and that he gave her the necklace. No, he’s not here to end things – he told Summer he wants a divorce.

Giving Rey the psychiatrists’ bill, Nikki wants to hire someone she trusts can’t be bought (because he’s relentless in pursuit of the truth – she needs someone as stubborn as Victor to track him down) Can you start tonight? The sooner the better as far as Nikki’s concerned.

In Jack’s office, Lauren delivers coffee and reflects on the compassionate man Neil was. Jack agrees – he’ll be missed. Treasured memories aside, Lauren wants to discuss how Fenmore’s will tie into Jabot Collective. Mike’s out of town, let’s touch base later, she leaves Jack to look troubled.