Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

Abby’s set up a mini-shrine to honour Neil (at Society) – where people can leave cards of sympathy etc. Lola thinks that thoughtful – how’s Devon? He’s been so good to me. He’s had a rough year and could use all the love and support he can get, Abby looks sad.

At the penthouse, Ana shows Devon some photos on her tablet of Society’s opening night which she’s been shielding him from) Pausing on a shot of Elana, Ana comments that she looks beautiful and wonders what’s going on between her and Devon.

Reservations have been ‘pouring in’, Abby tells Lola that Society’s booked for the next two weeks. Yes, Lola’s up to it and equally pleased they’re an ‘overnight success’. Her phone pinging, she updates Abby that she and Kyle are finally free to be together.

Kyle brings a box of supplies and a step ladder to the space he’s transforming.

At CL’s, Jill observes that Cane’s not washed or shaven – then is sorry to hear that Lily’s gone.

We’ve only gone out on one date, Devon protests – and it’s the last thing on his mind. He feels selfish about being happy with Hilary and Neil gone. Mind if we talk about something else? Ana changes the subject – then is saved when Tessa arrives. ‘And she’s not alone’, Ana’s cheeriness is somewhat sarcastic. Mariah hugs Devon – if you need anything … both she and Tessa offer. You don’t have to worry about me, Devon’s more worried about someone throwing a brick through the window at CL’s. Mariah downplays the one incident – no, she doesn’t need a bodyguard. Going to get some air, Devon heaves a big sigh as the door closes behind him.

Seated at CL’s, Jill disapproves of Lily leaving without giving Cane one more chance to talk her out of going – she also disapproves of Cane wallowing. The kids will be off to college soon (and joining Lily) Sam’s taken care of. Go back to Chancellor. No, Cane needs to make a real change in his life if he wants Lily back. Jill hopes he doesn’t hold out hope. Why not? Traci appears to ask. When Cane jumps up to seat Traci, Jill voices her displeasure (you don’t have time for coffee with me but you have time for Traci Abbott?)

Jill didn’t realize Traci and Cane were so close. Reminded that she’s the twins’ Godmother, Jill softens a bit and claims she’s glad Cane had someone to talk to – but she’s back now. I really am grateful, Jill backtracks – then invites Traci and Cane to dinner at Society. Traci accepts but neither can convince Cane (who feels he wouldn’t be good company)

Bumping into Jet and Elana on the CL’s patio, Devon appreciates their concern but life doesn’t stop because Neil died – he plans to push forward.