Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

Yes, Chelsea plans to confess. She’ll fall on her sword; take the heat off Nick. I’ll let everyone know that you didn’t know about any of this. That won’t make it go away – in fact, Nick thinks it’ll only create more questions – how could I be blind to what was going on under my own roof? How could I expose my impressionable young child to a criminal? etc. How can the voters trust my judgment? With a hug, Nick reassures a remorseful Chelsea – your problems are my problems. We’re in this together.

Phyllis gives Chance props for bringing Simon down – but is there more to the story? Is my business partner a liability? (she doesn’t want to say too much around Adam – given his relationship with Chelsea) I saw you and Adam in Vegas, she continues to fish – was Chelsea there? Is that where she met Simon? Pissed off, Adam makes himself off crystal clear – my world is too small for you. Go waste someone else’s time. Phyllis applauds his ‘changed man’ act – but you don’t fool me. I know your tricks. I’ve seen things. You haven’t changed at all. Thanks for stopping by, Adam shows her the door.

Was that alright? Billy asks as Vikki tucks her blouse into her skirt. Not the lovemaking – him showing up unannounced. When her phone’s alarm goes off, Vikki remembers the press conference. She loves Billy’s unpredictability. You’re the love of my life, she gives him a kiss to remove all doubt.

Nikki confirms Jack’s suspicion that Victor didn’t want Nick to run for office. He thinks politics beneath him – but will be one proud Father if he wins. Both worry that this scandal could knock Nick out of the race. If he stonewalls, he’ll come off as aloof – confessing all will make him seem oblivious. Back to the drawing board they go.

Abby continues to rant about Chelsea – she knew Simon was trouble, she admitted it. No, Kevin didn’t know – he works for the police department. If he knew something, he would have said something to Abby. Marching out, Kevin runs into Phyllis. Hey Agent Fisher, she saw the tape of him and Chloe and knowing there’s more to this story, wants to know how Simon Black’s connected to Chance and Chelsea.

If you want to know about Chelsea, ask Chelsea, Kevin claims that he and Chloe stopped by on their way home from a costume party. Phyllis knows better. I didn’t just see you on tape, I heard you. Chelsea knew danger was brewing. So did you, thanks to your state of the art security system. You didn’t say anything either. Kevin knows why – Phyllis only cares about regaining full ownership of TGP and will do anything to get it. Convince me otherwise. Phyllis thinks Kevin should put his creative imagination towards writing; science fiction.

Still at the penthouse, Adam thanks Chance – things could have ended badly at TGP. Chance is sure Adam picked up on what Phyllis dropped. She knows nothing, Adam’s sure – she just saw us together in a room in Vegas. What if you’re wrong? It wouldn’t be good if she found out what really happened.

Chelsea agrees that going to the press is another of her many bad ideas. Nick won’t lie – there’s no easy way out of this. You wanted this so badly, Chelsea feels terrible and knows he’s thinking of dropping out. Please don’t quit. Wait this out. Don’t give up on your dream because the person you love has let you down.

The conference call over, Billy heaps praise on Vikki. You’re a star. Stop, she giggles. About to knock on the door, the receptionist turns around to return to her desk.

Phyllis is good at making people think she knows things, but Adam’s sure she doesn’t. He’s seen this act before. She got the message that I don’t want her around anymore. I’ll handle her. Chance agrees – for now. Don’t let your problem become our problem.

In the lobby, Phyllis asks Abby why she accessed the security system. No, she’s not spying – she’s doing her job. This new security system saved your butt yesterday. Abby just wants to see if they can do better. Phyllis pushing so hard for this system makes Abby think she’s up to something. If you have nothing to hide there’s nothing to worry about. Phyllis thinks Chelsea’s the one they need to worry about.

Expecting a call? Nick catches Chelsea looking at her phone. Yes, Adam’s due to call to let her know how Connor is. Nick made a decision while putting Christian to bed – there’s only one thing to do.

Victor rejoins Nikki and Jack to grumble about his grandson. Nick’s call is put on speakerphone by Jack. We’re working on strategy but haven’t come up with the answer yet. Nick announces that he’s dropping out – to focus on his family.