Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

The Grand Pheonix is 100% safe and secure, Abby excitedly blathers into her phone – enjoy the spa and don’t forget to post about how peaceful your stay here is. She then takes a call from Chloe – tell them I’ll release a statement in a few hours – just tell them (presumably the press) that it was a contained incident and the perp is behind bars – TGP is safe.

At the registration desk/bar, Phyllis can’t get a couple to stay another night – even after running after them with offers of a comped room and an introduction to Abby the ‘hero’. They’re dropping like flies, she frets. We have to do something, Abby worries they won’t recover from this.

Chance has asked Amanda to meet him at CL’s to question her about how she was contacted re: Kay’s will. Don’t you have your hands full with the money launder you just took down at TGP? Oh Wait – Amanda realizes – they’re connected??

At the penthouse, Connor still worries about the bad man he’s been told is in jail and won’t be able to hurt him anymore. He rejects Magic Eyes and wants, no NEEDS his blanket! Chelsea takes Adam aside – he hasn’t asked for his security blanket in years. It’s at Nick’s in a box. Adam will go – see you soon big guy. See? Chelsea reassures Connor that Mommy and Daddy will make sure he’s OK.

Summer returns from her business trip to hug Kyle (in his office) Yes, she heard the news about what happened at TGP. A lot has happened in the week I was gone. Kyle gripes about Theo climbing his way up the family tree. Jack’s welcoming him with open arms. Theo’s gone from suspicious hanger-on to long lost cousin overnight. Now he’s trying to suck up to Lola to make me look like the bad guy. What do I do? Summer sees nothing wrong with Kyle’s scepticism – Theo’s given you plenty of reasons to be. She won’t take sides. Is it wrong that I wish you would? Kyle smiles.

Ashley welcomes Theo into the Abbott home. We met briefly at Kyle’s wedding – I’m kind of your Aunt. No one else is home so we can get to know each other. You and I have a lot in common, Ashley has some idea as to what he’s going through.

Dropping by Nick’s on political business, Jack first asks about Connor. The police connected this Simon Black guy to Calvin Boudreau. Chelsea said she’d tell me about it later, Nick’s not as worried about ‘getting in front’ of this. He wants to know what was so important to this guy that he’d endanger lives.

Back at CL’s, Amanda realizes that Chance thinks the will and Simon Black are linked. Her involvement? She received an email from someone claiming to be Chance – he couldn’t meet me because he was undercover. She can provide details on her retainer. The will pages were authenticated and she doesn’t like to think that she was played. It happens every day, Chance believes Amanda was chosen because she looks like Hilary. If you can think of anything else … There was one more thing. Amanda had one conversation with Chance – he seemed a lot older than she expected. After Chance leaves, Nate arrives – he’s glad she wasn’t hurt last night.

Summer’s trip was good – meeting the cast of the reality show was cool but the behind-the-scenes waiting was endless. She’s glad to be home to be productive and shake things up. Kyle took it upon himself to test a Korean skin cream. Summer grabs his face – your skin is so hydrated, I could just drink you. When Lola appears with a bag of takeout, Summer quickly leaves. Kyle’s explanation is interrupted by a kiss; then Billy – did you forget about our meeting??

As Phyllis and Abby succeed in bullying a couple to extend their stay (for free) Chance appears to declare them a formidable team. Grateful for their help last night, he’ll soon release a statement that should help the hotel’s reputation. As Summer arrives to fuss over her Mom, Chance tells Abby that it’s great to see her again. Her smile indicates the feeling’s mutual.

Ashley explains that she’s Theo’s half Aunt – she found out that the man she grew up thinking her Father, wasn’t. Dina sure lead one helluva life, Theo comments. Briefly discussing Kyle, Ashley’s more interested that Theo was managing influencers before anyone had heard of them. Theo’s passionate about giving power back to the people – consumers want to see products used by people they can believe in. It’s a revolution that’s changing the world.