Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

Rey’s at TGP to wrap up his investigation – the insurance report should be done soon. He’s sorry. Oh – it’s not your fault, Abby quickly clarifies – if anyone’s to blame, it’s head of security. Rey thinks Phyllis is a hero and so’s Abby (who disagrees – her head of security often gets distracted)

Make yourself at home, Adam’s sarcastic. Pouring herself wine, Phyllis doesn’t think it fair that he’s keeping Chance all to himself.

Ending a call and ignoring her receptionist, Vikki enters her office to find Billy looking comfy behind her desk. He’s done work for the day. Well, Vikki runs a slightly bigger company so works longer hours. Ordered to vacate the desk, Billy accidentally hits a button that shuts the office door – in the receptionists face. Remote control, she explains. It’s like you knew I was gonna stop by, Billy jokes with a kiss.

At the ranch, Jack updates Nikki that he just saw Adam at Nick’s place – they were civil for Connor’s sake. Victor wishes one of his sons would reply to his text messages and let him know how his grandson. No, he does NOT need Jack to call them on his behalf. Jack and Nikki can’t let Chelsea’s connection to Simon Black affect Nick’s campaign. You two have your work cut out for you, Victor remarks without looking up from his phone.

A guilt-ridden Chelsea listens silently as Nick barks into his phone. If you want info on Simon Black talk to the police. I said ‘no comment’, he repeats. After hanging up, Nick doesn’t see an end to the calls or emails – this is getting out of hand, he frowns.

Knowing Abby wants to blame Phyllis, Rey has no info she can use to get rid of her. His hands are tied. Chance and his team have this thing wrapped up tight. He’s still looking into Simon and his connections. Kevin arrives to play deer in the headlights when Rey needs to speak to him.

You came to MY place to talk to Chance? Adam’s unimpressed. Neither is Chance (that Phyllis followed him) Get over yourself ‘cloak and dagger’ – Phyllis just came by to say hello. And goodbye – Adam needs them both to leave so he can go upstairs and check on Connor. As head of security, Phyllis must monitor threats to her hotel from both outside and within. You’re a smart guy (she’s sure Chance knows exactly who she’s talking about)

As his phone continues to ring, Nick tells Chelsea that it’s not just the press. The police will have questions too (about the dirty money) Knowing she could go to jail, Chelsea feels maybe that’s where she belongs. Nick has to see the humor – he thought he’d have to defend posing as JT. But the press seems to have forgotten all about that.

Once again, Vikki has to literally shove Billy off her. My office isn’t a boudoir, she laughs – I have a conference call. This is the second time you’ve pushed me away, Billy complains. You take my breath away. OK, maybe we DO need to mix it up a bit, Vikki bends over her desk to hit the button that locks the door. The loud click does not go unnoticed by the receptionist.

What’s up? Kevin’s visibly relieved that Rey wants the GCPD’s tech genius to talk to Abby about her security system. After Rey leaves, Kevin asks where Chelsea is. Abby has no idea and is pretty pissed off that her business partner brought a gangster to the hotel. When he again asks about Chelsea, Abby wonders why he hasn’t asked how Phyllis is – she was here for the crisis too. What’s going on?

Chelsea thinks they just need a bit of time to come up with a good response (to her stupid mistakes) Nick doesn’t think so. Say something – do something – break a lamp, kick a wall – let me have it. That won’t change anything, Nick sighs. Feeling that SHE should be the person in the ‘hot seat’, Chelsea decides to walk down to one of those news vans and tell them what happened. You’re going to confess? Nick grabs her by the wrist.

Back at the ranch, Nikki disapproves of a horrible article online that implies Nick’s a criminal like Chelsea’s friend. He’s not exactly a friend, Jack thinks it more complicated than that – we need to ride this out. Nikki agrees – much less reputable politicians (than Nick) have weathered worse scandals. Putting his book down with a thud, Victor doesn’t give a damn about the campaign – the damage to Nick’s character and reputation should be your concern.