Friday, November 15th, 2019

Chance hopes Devon knows what he just set in motion. Let me take the lead on this, Devon answers his door and lets Cane in. The difference between me and this guy is I’m going to give you a chance to explain before I hit you.

Listing all that his son’s been through, Adam agrees that Connor needs his Mom – but he wants his parents to get back together. Having been through that, Sharon advises that they don’t lie to Connor by leading him to believe they’re reconciling – Adam and Chelsea must put their issues aside to give their son the stability he craves. When Connor comes down with Halloween candy he saved for his Mom, Adam suggests they call her. Sharon hides what appears to be jealous behind a fake smile.

Visting Nick, Vikki’s sorry he dropped out of the race. Maybe you should hire a PR team – and put some distance between you and Chelsea.

Nate and Elena are both at CL’s for some much-needed coffee – GCM was so busy this morning. She relays Chance’s visit – he didn’t hire Amanda or give the pages of the will to Cane. Devon’s a wreck over giving up his inheritance. Elena then gets all uppity when it seems Nate’s defending Amanda – fire her before she ruins your life too.

Cane has the same questions as Devon – but that doesn’t change the fact that the will pages are authentic. Why would I make up a crazy story about being knocked unconscious? Offering to hire investigators, Cane resents being called a liar. He steps aside to take Jill’s call (maybe she has the answers Devon’s looking for)

Nick appreciates his sister’s encouragement but he’s sticking with his decision. Is it worth it? Vikki asks. Chelsea and Connor need me, Nick points out that she’s stuck by Billy through tough times. Vikki doesn’t mean to judge – I’m always in your corner and she’ll keep her ‘Pick Nick’ button in case he ever runs again ~hug~

Billy’s no therapist but he wonders if he’s projecting his anger onto his nephew at work. Consider the bigger picture, the therapist suggests Billy could be angry at himself for a variety of things he’s done before losing Delia. Yes, this is constructive – a lot of these things occurred before you lost Delia. Are you saying I’m sabotaging myself?

Back on the patio, Nate tells Elena that he’s going before the medical board tomorrow – Amanda’s the best shot he has and he doesn’t think she’s behind this scam with Devon. Even if he wanted to get another lawyer, it’s too late. Good luck, Elena snaps without sincerity, then marches out.

‘Don’t let my old man get away with anything’, Cane ends his call with Jill to update Devon and Chance that she’s found out where he’s hiding in the Maldives. Chance pulls out his phone to book the next flight out.

When Billy returns to the office, Kyle’s informs that he’s made some decisions but will run them by Billy before implementing them. Pizza? Billy opts for chicken parm then delivers an apology and a promise to try to be better. No, Kyle can’t ask a question (if it’s about his epiphany – just roll with it) And no, he doesn’t like pepperoni on his pizza (but his slight grin indicates he’s joking)

Cane thinks Chance going to the Maldives is a mistake. Devon doesn’t – if Collin’s behind this, he wants Chance to bring him back to the US and lock him up. My flight leaves tomorrow afternoon, Chance ends his call to announce.

Now at TGP, Chloe and Chelsea’s business talk turns to personal matters. Adam’s been really great. Speaking of … Chelsea gets a call to say that Connor’s fine but has been asking about her. The three of us should spend some time together. Initially hesitating, Chelsea agrees to come over. Hovering behind Adam, Sharon skulks towards the door. Back at TGP, Chelsea gives Chloe a nervous look. Meanwhile, Nick calls Mike – I need to see Simon Black as soon as possible.