Monday, November 18th

Thanks to Shelley for this spoiler!!

At TGP, Phyllis is watching Chance – who’s watching Abby. Nate’s also watching Abby. Nosy Phyllis knows that Chance is flying to the Maldives and wonders about his connection to Adam. Amanda takes Nate aside to discuss today’s hearing. Phyllis continues to try connect the dots – do they lead to Simon Black?? Chance might just accept Abby’s offer to stay t TGP.

Kyle’s with Mariah at Society – he seeks her input on both Billy and Theo. Give him the benefit of the doubt, she suggests. Kyle notes that Billy’s the only one who agrees with him that Theo’s a threat. One person who doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt is Summer, Mariah warns.

At CL’s, Summer approves of Theo going to work in Paris with Ashley. After she leaves, Theo’s looks disappointed when Lola tells Nate how happy she and Kyle are. Amanda then dazzles Nate with her closing argument in his defence before the board.

When Theo turns to Lola for advice, she encourages him to take advantage of the opportunities coming his way due to being an Abbott – but remain true to yourself.

Summer’s not at TGP to tell her Mom that Theo might be going to work in Paris with Ashley. Phyllis thinks Kyle should be the one to go – and take Lola too. And why is Summer so defensive of Kyle all of a sudden?

Meanwhile, Chance forgoes TGP’s head of security to go over the system with Abby. Seems the software was installed overnight, giving someone backdoor access. Uh oh. Pissed off, Abby wastes little time before accosting Phyllis.

At home, Lola’s so pleased to hear that Kyle’s going to lay off Theo that takes him to bed.

Theo calls Ashley from Society – he’s accepting her job offer in Paris.

On the CL’s patio, Nate and Amanda agree that the hearing went well. Victor really came through for them. But Nate’s more impressed with Amanda. When the call comes saying Nate will keep his license, they hug.