Friday, November 15th, 2019

As Kyle arrives at the office, Billy ends a call – ‘grazi – caio’. He just closed a deal on a new Jabotique in Milan. What?! You just made a unilateral decision? Like I got in trouble for yesterday? Kyle accuses Billy of being on a big power trip – where’s this coming from?

Chance is at the penthouse to apologize to Devon for how this all played out (and be introduced to Elena) It’s complicated. He couldn’t return Devon’s calls because he was undercover. Chance didn’t hire Amanda Sinclair and I didn’t give Cane those will pages. This was all a scam? Devon’s pissed.

Have you seen this? Vikki shows Sharon her tablet at CL’s. The headline reads; Nick Newman drops out of City Council race. She blames Chelsea, for that and what happened at TGP. Her coming back to town was a mistake and my brother’s paying the price.

Chloe drops by with lattes. It’s too early for the hard stuff. It’s all my fault, Chelsea fees terrible that past ended Nick’s dream. Her bigger concern is that she and Connor could still be in danger.

Back at the penthouse, Connor doesn’t see why he has to talk to a stranger. What did I do wrong? Nothing – that guy specializes in helping kids like you. But you don’t have to talk to him again, Adam reassures. Your Mom and I want you to feel better. Then be together, Connor implores.

Billy’s been doing his ‘due diligence’ for years. He relies on his experience and instincts. You haven’t earned your spot at this table. Kyle thinks Billy’s reckless decision is more about his ego than business (and slams out)

One call or text from you could have prevented me from giving away all my money, Devon gripes. Chance is sorry – his assignment was top secret. When Elena wonders whether Amanda and Cane are working together, he thinks that a possibility. Still pissed off, Devon sends Elena off to work with a kiss and the promise that he’ll call if he needs her. He then rejects Chance’s offer to figure this out. He’ll do so by himself.

Sitting on the stairs, Adam says all the right things – your Mom and I love you. We can call her anytime we want. You and me are a team. Let’s go get a giant cookie and invite a friend over. No, not Mom – another friend.

Chelsea’s not upset that her money was seized by the feds – she should have turned it in to the police when Calvin’s lawyer delivered it. Yes, sometimes we make questionable choices, Chloe concedes – but we have an abundance of forgiveness. Nick eavesdrops as Chelsea worries about keeping Connor safe – what if Simon has dangerous friends? We could all be targets, even Nick.

At CL’s with Vikki, Billy’s too distracted by his run-in with Kyle to listen to her blather on about Nick. He pushes my buttons – I react. At least your feelings towards Kyle aren’t as intense as your feelings for Adam (who arrives with Connor)

‘There she is’- Adam ignores Billy and Vikki to invite Sharon over for a visit. When Connor agrees with a weak ‘OK’, Sharon exclaims brightly – let’s do it!

The feds and the police will make sure you’re safe, Chloe reassures Chelsea. And don’t worry about Adam – he can’t be killed – I tried, Choe jokes – too soon? Nick appears – hi Chloe. Bye Chloe; who immediately gets the hint and leaves Chelsea to update Nick that Connor had a nightmare last night. Adam took him to a child-trauma specialist this morning. Having overheard Chelsea’s concerns, Nick tells her not to be afraid – I’ll keep you safe. We need to surround Connor with love and support – here, at ‘home’.

Asked about his building blocks structure, Connor explains that the wall is to protect me, Mom and Dad – the bad guys are on this side. Your parents protected you the other day, huh? Sharon gently probes. We’ll always keep you safe, Adam chimes in. After Connor goes up to play in his room, Sharon hears that Chelsea’s likely staying away because she feels guilty. Sharon doesn’t think that a good idea – Connor needs his Mom.

Chelsea would love to bring Connor home but doesn’t think he’d come – Adam’s a hero to him right now (and he wouldn’t allow it) Dropping it, Nick trusts Chelsea to do what’s best for her son. But as she’s about to leave for work, he feels compelled to share his concern – Adam’s doing and saying all the right things right now – but he’ll always be Adam. And Adam will always be Connor’s Father, she reminds coldly then leaves.

Back at CL’s, Vikki praises Billy for keeping his cool with Adam. He worries he’s taking his anger out on his unqualified co-CEO. Perhaps you went back to work too soon after your … episode, Vikki’s delighted to hear that Billy’s made an appointment with his therapist. He’s determined not to lose control again or divide the family by warring with Kyle.