Monday, November 25th, 2019

Catching up at Society, Devon’s disappointed that he won’t be able to vote for Nick and not happy about being in the ex-millionaire club. I might have been scammed out of my money.

In a hotel suite in the Maldives, Jill’s served a fruity drink by Collin. Why do I keep being taken in by you? she scolds herself. She can’t deny she’s attracted to his bad boy side. How bad am I allowed to be? Collin soon has Jill laughing. Knocking at the door, Chance is out of his jurisdiction but has made an exception for Collin.

Adam comes down to see that Chelsea’s tidied up the penthouse. You’re a neat freak, he now remembers. Yes, it’s OK that she put things back to where they were when they lived together. Chelsea’s still traumatized over Simon – is Connor? Maybe it’s too soon to send him to school. Adam’s glad they’re working together for their son – last night was a good start. It might not be enough, Chelsea worries.

At TGP, Abby rants about Phyllis using their security system as her own personal playground. She and Chloe then greet a bubbly pair of ladies looking for some excitement; like being held hostage. Why do you think we picked this place?

You chose our hotel because you WANT to be in danger? No – the ladies are kidding – but happy to be staying at the ‘infamous’ Grand Pheonix. They’re in town for a cosplay convention – royalty throughout history is the theme. One lady is going as Anne Boleyn, the other Cleopatra. They even have a box of authentic jewellery that they’ll lock in their room’s safe.

Adam assumes Nick’s not happy that Chelsea again spent the night in his guesthouse. I can give you some privacy to call him, he offers. No need – Chelsea’s more concerned with speaking to the school’s principal. We’ve gotta stay strong for Connor – we can do this, Adam reassures then heads upstairs to get the boy (leaving Chelsea to look nervous)

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There was no need for Chance to come to the Maldives – Jill already called Cane to say she has everything under control. As for ‘this’, it’s none of your business son, she’s blunt. Yes, Collin pretended to be you (Chance) but he did it for a good reason. To right a wrong. Chance goes over the sequence of events – in the time between Kay’s death and her will being read, Tucker and Kay’s attorney made some adjustments – the billions that should have gone to Cane went to Devon instead. Chance isn’t buying it – there’s no way they made those changes before the will was read. Cane doesn’t deserve a penny of Kay’s money. What!? Cane appears in the doorway.

Back at Society, Devon updates Nick that Chance had nothing to do with hiring Amanda or knocking Cane out and giving him the will pages. Jill’s gone down to the Maldives. Nick agrees it’s best to let Chance handle this. As for Elena, Devon feels she deserves better than helping him through one dark patch after another. You deserve better too, Nick adds.

As the bubbly ladies get into the elevator having a loud, animated conversation, Abby and Chloe are left to discuss Phyllis using the security system to spy on everyone. If only Chance was here. Admit you like him, Chloe prods.

This isn’t my pissed off face – this is my your in trouble face, Chance tells Collin. Don’t defend him, Grandma, he says when Jill chimes in. Yet again, Cane reminds that they had the will pages authenticated. Experts can be paid off, Chance remains sceptical. This is your Grandmother you’re talking about, Cane gets in his face. Chance knows the truth and so does your old man. It was Cane’s idea, Collin suddenly throws his son under the bus.

At CL’s, Chelsea and Adam discuss the meeting with the principal – neither were expecting her to suggest home-schooling Connor. Everyone’s talking about the hostage situation but Connor might feel isolated if he’s taken out of school. Sharon appears to ask how it went dropping Connor off.

Chance knows his way around computers – and yes, he’s hot, Abby admits to being curious about him. Yes, Chloe has a history with Chance – we were engaged for a minute. He’s an 11 on the decent human being scale – I’m a 6; so’s Kevin. Chloe doubts there’s a bad boy lurking in there.

Who had the most to gain? Collin admits his part but HE wasn’t the mastermind. Come on son, the jig’s up. Is this true? Jill asks Cane. Did you plot this whole thing to punish Devon?

That’s Devon Hamilton! the bubbly ladies primp in the background as Nick and Devon continue to chat at Society. Devon’s still struggling with being tricked out of his inheritance. What does that say about me? Nick declares Devon a smart, honest man – nothing anyone else did will change that.

Sharon believes the principal’s making a recommendation in Connor’s best interest. His emotional wellbeing is most important – he can catch up on the school work later. You’re working together – that’s the most important thing, she tells Adam and Chelsea – just Like she and Nick did. No, it’s not simple but things will get better. Chelsea excuses herself to take a call from Nick. On the patio, she gasps for air.

Cane claims he’s the victim here. I didn’t want Kay’s will to be overturned – I was knocked out in Vegas. Collin shakes his head over his sons’ miserable, heartless scam. You asked me where I got the money to pay for this place? I removed all the money from Cane’s account. You stole Kay’s money from me!? Cane barks as Collin drops his glass to shatter on the ground and runs out. Cane and Chance give chase as Jill shouts – Collin!!! Come back here!!

Chelsea’s on the patio – Nick’s at Society as they touch base by phone about Connor. Adam and I have a lot to figure out, she declines Nick’s help. He hangs up looking disappointed and left out.

Inside, Sharon tells Adam that she’d like to continue working with Connor if it’s OK with him and Chelsea (who then joins them) Sharon will let them get to it – let me know if there’s anything I can do – stay strong. So – where do we start? Chelsea asks Adam. We should talk about you first, he decides.

One of the bubbly women is back at TGP to let Abby know that Society was fabulous; your chef is every bit as good as you say she is. Roz is upstairs – all the clubbing wore her out. Abby offers a voucher for some free drinks. We aim to please, Chloe adds with a smile. Someone help! Roz (the other woman) runs off the elevator screeching – we’ve been robbed!

Running into Sharon at Society, Nick’s sorry he didn’t return her calls. Now that he’s dropped out of the race for city council, his focus will be on New Hope and Chelsea. Sharon relays that she just saw her at CL’s with Adam. They have a long road ahead of them but are committed to putting their issues aside for Connor’s sake. When Sharon excuses herself to take a call, Nick looks troubled.

Back at CL’s, a guilty Chelsea frets some more about Connor. Don’t beat yourself up, Adam’s supportive. Placing his hand over hers, he asks her not to lose sight of what’s important. My Mom would say ‘what’s done is done – move forward and do better’. We have an opportunity to do better. Let’s not screw that up.

They took everything! Roz shrieks – every last jewel. Everyone take a deep breath, Abby says. Neither she nor Chloe know how this happened. The ladies reject the idea of calling the police – We lied – our husbands think we’re visiting relatives. Find our jewels without involving the police, they order. You don’t want any more bad publicity do you?? After the ladies go upstairs, Chloe comments that Abby must really be missing Chance right about now.

Chance hauls Collin back to his suite. You bastard, Jill snarls. I have a plane to catch, Collin whines. Cane’s denials continue – he’ll prove to Jill and Chance that he had nothing to do with this. He’ll get justice for Devon and clear his name!