Friday, December 6th, 2019

Not happy to run into Summer, Mariah’s at Jabot with a gift to celebrate Kyle’s new position – which she won’t let Summer wrestle out of her hands. Hearing that Summer and Theo broke up, Mariah’s worried – a single Summer is a dangerous Summer.

Despite appearances to the contrary, I am not a thief, Abby insists – as she and Chance are bent over the pile of jewellery that’s tumbled out of a black bag.

Startling Amanda at Society, Devon’s suspicious of how quickly she closes her laptop. Sure she’s hiding something, he might just hire a PI.

Kyle and I are friends, Summer informs Mariah – we’re in a good place – he’s married – he’d never cross the line. Just because Theo and I are taking a break…. Oh – so it’s not a break-up, just a break? Did he find out you were just using him until you could get your hands on Kyle? People have actual feelings. None of us are living our lives for your entertainment.

My clients rely on my discretion – Amanda would be just as scrupulous with his information if Devon hired her (which he makes clear will never happen) Elena continues to watch as Devon accuses Amanda of being in on the scam. She’s sure the facts will come out in due time and he’ll apologize. Spotting Elena leaving, Devon follows her out.

Phyllis takes a seat with Amanda; who indeed has perused her contract and the terms of her being fired. This isn’t as simple as it seems.

Abby smashes the jewellery in a velvet bag until it’s glittery crumbs – see? It’s all fake. The thefts were a plot to get rid of Phyllis.

Devon finally catches up with Elena on the CL’s patio. No, he didn’t plan to meet Amanda. We just had a romantic lunch together, Elena reminds – losing your inheritance is all you think about. Devon lost more than that – Collin took away from all the people he could have helped with Kay’s money. As for Nate, give him the benefit of the doubt – he’s made Elena reconsider her opinion of Amanda. Are you attracted to her? No – Devon can’t wait until she leaves town. If you’re not attracted to her then you must be obsessed, Elena decides.

Cases like these can take years, Amanda warns. Phyllis denies her tweaks to the security system violate her contract – I was just trying to help, make it more user-friendly. My partners don’t like me; wanted me out. The odds? 50-50 – but Amanda won’t represent Phyllis.

Abby hired people to pretend they were robbed. Three was the perfect number and involving Chance was a gamble that paid off – unless you plan on arresting me for my ever so clever subterfuge, she coos.

Amanda doesn’t want another high-drama case. You’re a lightning rod for controversy. She’d tell Phyllis everything she’s heard about her but that would just hurt her feelings. Your case has merit – Amanda can compile a list of attorneys. No, no, – leaving, Phyllis won’t tarnish Amanda’s reputation – she’ll go take care of it herself, just like everything else.

Amanda looking like Hilary has nothing to do with this, Devon claims. If you want out of this relationship, don’t put it all on me, he adds. Elena feels like Devon’s pulling away – we were happy and in love. What do you want? To stay in your past, with your anger – or move on with me? You need to decide. Are you giving me an ultimatum? Devon frowns. I’m giving you a wake-up call, Elena leaves.

Filing a false police report is a felony, Chance points out. That’s why Abby never called them. She feels bad about lying to Chelsea and Chloe – and Chance – how can she make it up to him? Are you flirting with a federal agent? Chance thinks it takes a lot of nerve considering he’s trained to bust liars. I saw right through you from the start, he surprises her.

As Summer ends a call gushing about how Kyle breathes new life into Jabot, Phyllis needing to see someone who doesn’t make her feel ten inches tall. What happened? She got fired – turned down by a lawyer because of her bad reputation – the usual.

Mariah finds Devon on the patio – a million miles away. You feel humiliated, she guesses – wondering how a big-time businessman got tricked. What does that say about who I am? Devon sighs. Mariah has kind words for friend. Honour your grandmother – you were just doing what the best people in your life expected you to do. Devon hates that a woman who looks like Hilary cost him his fortune and now probably his future.

Still at Society, Amanda goes back to tracking the mysterious ‘he’ on her laptop. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Where is he? What if he found the tracker and destroyed it? Figure it out and call me back. Got a minute? Elena appears to quickly reassure Amanda that she’s not there to pick up where Devon left off.

Yeah, I made mistakes – everyone has, Phyllis admits. Amanda said I was a lightning rod for trouble. She’s not wrong, they agree – but get to know me before judging me. Summer lists a few of her Mom’s ‘most challenging moments’. Phyllis knows what everyone thinks of her. Summer sympathizes – this woman really got under your skin; broke you a little.

Mariah thinks Amanda’s a threat – the sooner she’s gone the better – but – Elena’s the one you need to talk to – not about Amanda – about how much you love her. You’re the guy I run to for advice, Mariah reminds – you know what to do – where’s the problem solver I know and love? You’re right, Devon cheers up. Then what are you still doing here? With a kiss, Devon leaves.

Back at Society with Amanda, Elena describes herself as a good person who stands by her partner but she’s not unkind or unfair – she was raised not to judge people. Amanda knows what it’s like to lose perspective. Not liking the person she was becoming, Elena’s willing to give Amanda the benefit of the doubt. Yes, she listened to Nate; he defended you. And what did Devon have to say? Amanda asks. It’s got nothing to do with him – start fresh? Yes, Amanda accepts.

I’m fine – there are other lawyers who’d be honoured to represent the force of nature that is Phyllis Summers. I’ve got this. Are you really fine? Summer loves her badass Mom but people don’t trust you – they think you’re self-serving – a liability. We weren’t all lucky enough to be born a Newman or Abbott, Phyllis is emotional – some of us fought for what we have – I’ll never apologize for playing the cards I was dealt. Go with what you know – Yes, Phyllis is gonna double-down (not change)