Monday, December 9th, 2019

Over wine and salads at Society, Billy declines Vikki’s offer to put ‘feelers’ out there. He’s sure he’ll find a job that makes him want to get up in the morning. Vikki’s proud that Billy’s starting fresh and stronger than ever – you’ll find the perfect job – I’m behind you all the way ~kiss~

At the penthouse, cardshark Adam shows no mercy – give me all your fours! Go fish, Chelsea has none. Outplayed by ‘the master’ (Connor) Adam comments that Chelsea’s the only one who could bring them together like this. We’re united in defeat.

Updated that Christian’s helping out in the kitchen (at the ranch), Nick’s looking forward to spending some time alone with Chelsea. Now that’s she’s ruined your political ambitions, what will you do with your life? Victor wonders (as Nikki gives him the eye)

Vowing to beat his parents again, Connor asks his Mom to make her special blueberry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. Pleased to get his way and being catered to by his Mom and Dad, Connor immediately starts sulking when his parents welcome Sharon; who’s come over for a little visit.

After a pleasant Thanksgiving, Nick shouldn’t be surprised that Victor’s back to his usual self. His Dad finds it ironic that the two people Nick sacrificed his political ambitions to spend time with are now living with Adam. Your Father means well, Nikki’s left to smooth things over – but she’s also concerned. Yeah, Nick’s disappointed and feels he would have won a seat on the city council and been able to help people. He knows what it looks like with Chelsea staying with Adam – but has full confidence in their relationship – she’s only there for Connor’s sake.

Connor isn’t happy that his Mom’s going to spend time with Nick and his Dad has things to do upstairs. Why are you here? he asks when left alone with Sharon. I said you didn’t need to come anymore.

Their delicious looking entrees untouched, Billy knows Vikki’s not pressuring him about getting a job – no one’s hiring over the holidays anyway. Going away on vacation sounds great – a cure for what ails him. Is that a figure of speech? Or is something wrong? Vikki asks.

Connor continues to give Sharon attitude – his day WAS going well until SHE showed up. And when Sharon deals out the cards, Connor pushes them onto the floor, curls up and ignores her.

You didn’t have to ring the bell – use your key, Nick then suggests an old fashioned dinner date which Chelsea thinks sounds perfect.

Back at Society, Vikki shares her surprise – we’re taking the private jet to a private lodge on Christmas Eve. She’s even hired a private snowboard instructor for the kids – Reed’s joining us too. Billy’s caught off-guard. That’s the point of a surprise, Vikki’s disappointed that Billy would rather go to an un-private beach resort – we can leave on the 27th – then go to the ski lodge after New Year’s Eve. Vikki has to get back to work – let’s table this for now. OK – whatever we decide will be amazing, Billy’s lies.

Nick (Chelsea in tow) stops by Vikki’s table to hear that Billy just left. As they move on to their table, Chelsea updates Nick that Connor had a good day today – but she’s not sure how to handle when he withdraws. Invited to share his opinion, Nick suggests that ‘playing house’ with Adam might be making things worse for Connor.

After Connor and his attitude go up to his bedroom, Adam quips – ‘that was fast’ but doesn’t think it a bad thing. Connor’s been in good spirits. Admitting that she didn’t get much out of him, Sharon will see what her schedule’s like tomorrow. Is she gone? Connor comes back down to say that he doesn’t like Sharon anymore. She says mean things. Like what? Adam’s surprised. She said if I’m not good I’ll be sent away and that the monster’s coming back – no one can stop it.

Back at the ranch, Nikki tells Victor that he hit a nerve when mentioning Nick’s political ambitions coming to an end – and Chelsea living with Adam isn’t a good situation. Victor wishes he’d find a woman with integrity. People DO change, Nikki likes the new Victor – retirement suits you. She also approves of Billy facing his issues head-on. Good for him, Victor agrees.

At the seedy bar, Billy talks inside his head – this pit smells like a wet rag but it’s safe – I don’t have to answer to anyone here. A shot of Burbon and whatever’s on tap, he orders. Billy’s not there for the booze – he just needs a ‘little piece’.