Friday, January 24th, 2020

Billy thinks talking to Amanda’s helped him but she worries that Vikki will see him turning to another woman as a problem.

You’re not another woman – we’re not having an affair. We’re talking in public. Amanda isn’t sure she wants to be the friend he talks to. It feels like I’m crossing a line. Why the change of heart now? Billy wonders.

Kyle doesn’t want to talk to Summer about his happiness – of course he’s happy – I have everything I want. From the outside, Summer thinks he and Lola got together too quick. Kyle insists his marriage is fine – Theo’s the problem. Summer thinks him a symptom of a bigger problem.

Abby tells Mariah that Phyllis is also interested in Chance; she pulled the fire alarm to sabotage our date. He finds her intriguing so I told him to go for it. Abby has no problem with it – she and Chance don’t share the love Mariah shares with Tessa – we’re not serious.

Served his favourite dish, Theo looks at his watch – Kyle and Summer’s meeting should have wrapped by now – he didn’t call you yet? They’re probably out celebrating. Lola doesn’t need to be reminded of how much Kyle loves her – but admits they had a fight. About Summer? She’s never stopped wanting Kyle – but Lola trusts him and he trusts her. Theo makes her chuckle by saying he probably deserved the punch Kyle gave him.

Vikki can’t be certain that Billy’s not gambling again – but she can’t chase him down – he’ll pull away. Nick says that Billy must want to get help. Don’t let him drag you down with him. Vikki doesn’t they she’s there yet … but … I love you. I love you ~hug~ Call if you need me, Nick leaves his sister to ponder the drink receipt again.

Whatever we’re doing isn’t healthy, Amanda says. This is the healthiest thing I have going on in my life, Billy sees this as his oasis. It’s not real, not sustainable – Amanda knows you can’t run from things that chase you. Sooner or later they catch up with you. A she stands to leave, Billy utters ‘wait’.

Abby’s stunned to hear that Tessa’s touring with her ex. Mariah wishes she could be as easy going as Abby is about Phyllis. She’s conflicted about Tanner – he seems like a good person. I hate that I can’t hate him. It’s Mariah’s turn to be surprised – Kyle and Summer are in San Francisco. If anyone can call a truce between Kyle and Theo, it’s Lola. As they head out to go dancing, Theo tells Lola that he resented how entitled Kyle is – he never knew what it’s like to want something that’s out of reach. I do.

Summer basically claims that Kyle’s marriage to Lola would be boring if not for the drama with Theo. It’s hard to watch you change for her. You’ve always been special to me, she chokes up. I see you as the happy and wide open kid you were in that picture I gave you. I just want you to be happy again ~kiss~

I’m sorry, Kyle pulls away. You misunderstood. Whatever issues Lola and I are having, we’ll work through them. You and I … are friends, Summer finishes his sentence as she stands – I feel so stupid. We’re just gonna forget this happened? It’s already forgotten, Kyle thinks he’s saying what Summer wants to hear and is left to sigh after she runs out in tears.

Back at Society, Lola defends her husband. When Theo again mentions Kyle and Summer, she suddenly needs to get back to work.

Bar receipt in hand, Vikki calls up to Hannah to say she’s going to take care of a few things. Looking sad, she crumples up the receipt and drops it in the trash.

Thanked for listening, Amanda wishes she could be of more help. Unaware that someone’s taking photos, she bends down to grab her purse and leaves Billy to sit alone in the bar.