Friday, January 24th, 2020

You avoiding me? Theo asks. No, Lola’s busy working. Theo chases her around the bar to downplay Kyle punching him in the face the other night. He didn’t mean to cause trouble for the only friend he has right now (Lola)

Kyle and Summer return to a hotel suite all excited about sealing the deal with Bay Street Cosmetics. Thrilled that Kyle noticed that she’s wearing her lucky necklace, Summer suggests they celebrate.

Theo’s become quite the regular, Mariah remarks to Abby as she eyes him at the bar with Lola. Free appetizer? Whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t, Abby implores.

Joining Billy at their usual spot as he takes a big drink, Amanda takes a guess – you talked to Vikki.

No, Nick’s not interrupting Vikki’s cozy evening with Billy and the kids; they’re upstairs with Hannah – Billy’s out. Drink? Nick declines. They discuss Newman’s 50th anniversary – a big shindig Mom’s planning. Nick hopes his sister doesn’t make the same mistake Dad did – focussing on business at the expense of family. Vikki’s expression indicates that things aren’t good with Billy.

Back at the bar, Billy confides in Amanda – he doesn’t want to put Vikki through the wringer again – she thinks I need help. Why is it so hard to talk to her and so easy to talk to you? Amanda has to ask if she, herself, is the problem.

Theo finally manages to get Lola to admit that he’s more than a customer – we’re friends, she’s embarrassed to admit, while he couldn’t be happier.

Mariah wonders what Theo and Lola are talking about but assures Abby that she won’t make a scene. Let’s go dancing; there’s a new club in the warehouse district. This won’t be Chance’s kind of place. It’s mostly women. Abby’s got it (it’s a gay bar) Things got interesting recently with Chance, she confides.

Summer and Kyle send Jack an update by email and continue to be in sync when she orders room service without needing to ask him what he wants. Here’s to us, they clink beer bottles. No, he hasn’t contacted Lola – it’s dinner hour. Asked about Theo, Summer says they’re friends without benefits. Good – he thinks she deserves someone better. Summer’s in no rush – she’s happy with her life – are you happy?

Theo appreciates Lola’s friendship – he’s able to talk to her. Suddenly uncomfortable, Lola scurries off before Mariah comes over to ask Theo what the hell he’s doing.

You’re hitting on Kyle’s wife – do you have a deathwish? Mariah has Lola’s back and Kyle’s. Theo thinks she should focus on the girlfriend who Tanner Watts is about to make into a star. If you cause trouble for Lola and Kyle, I’ll cause trouble for you, Mariah warns – then returns to tell Abby that being part of a couple is hard enough without interference.

Vikki catches Nick up – part of Billy will always be restless and he wants me to accept that like I accepted the contradictions with Dad. Nick reassures his emotional sister – it’ll be alright ~hug~