Monday, January 27th, 2020

Mariah finds Sharon with a mountain of paperwork in front of her. Without a word, she takes a few of the pages.

Nikki makes a bed deal our of Nick finally finding his way over to visit. She’s seen his car parked at the ranch so assumes he’s been visiting he horses – or Sharon. What’s going on with you two?

At TGP, Abby knows Phyllis has a date with Chance; he told her. Go somewhere loud so you won’t have to do a lot of talking, she advises. Doubting there’ll be much talking, Phyllis sashays off. Chance comes over to apologize for interrupting their jousting session – maybe it’s time I take myself out of this equation.

Theo joins Summer in the CEO office to grill her about her trip with Kyle; what’d you leave in San Francisco? Your inhibitions? Your dignity? Summer knows he hoped they’d run away together.

Lola and Kyle run into each others arms at Society. Over her shoulder, he looks troubled.

Theo’s not buying Summer’s denial – I know what you like and how you like it – so does Kyle – how far down memory lane did you go? Summer’s sure Theo filled his plate with all kids of forbidden fruit while they were out of town.

His first successful acquisition, Kyle hopes his Dad will make him sole CEO. What about Summer? Lola notices he hasn’t mentioned her. Kyle gives Summer credit – she had them eating out of the palms of her hands. Lola missed Kyle and feels the time apart made them weaker. Sneak out early tonight – we need to work this out, Kyle implores. Lola finally agrees – no phones, no interruptions until we work this out.

Nikki’s summoned Nick to handle some things for the Newman gala while she’s away in London. Swearing him to secrecy, she will only confess that she’s meeting a new artist and will drop by Paris for a new dress. Nick’s happy to help. Will you have the time? (Nikki makes no secret that she hopes he’s too busy for Sharon)

Cancer’s a full time job, Sharon sighs. You have a full time job running CL’s – Mariah wants to help. Sharon doesn’t want to turn anyone else’s life upside down. It’s my way or the highway. Mariah agrees but might forget from time to time.

Abby won’t let Chance cancel his date with Phyllis. Go, have fun – I’m not like most other women. Phyllis would have to be a whole lot more sophisticated for Abby to feel threatened. She’s a mirage – the closer you get you realize there’s nothing there. Phyllis then comes down in a satin robe with a towel over her head to complain that there’s no water in her room. How could something like that happen, poor you, Abby grins.

Apologizes for shutting Mariah down but can take care of herself. She’s shutting CL’s down for a facelift. When Mariah repeatedly suggests Nick help, Sharon declines – if she wants help she’ll ask. I’m fine.

Nick doesn’t have his sights set on Sharon again – she’s dating a cop; and I like him a lot. Nikki will drop it – for now. Nick asks for a favour – please leave Sharon alone. Whatever you say, Nikki agrees.