Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

You said your piece now get out, Amanda snarls. Ripley thought they were getting somewhere. You heard the woman, Billy glares at Ripley then closes the door behind him. Who was that? he asks Amanda. Amanda relays finding her ex in her suite. No, don’t to go after him – stay, please, she clings to Billy.

Ripley’s a charmer, Amanda confides in Billy. I want to believe in him. He was so loving and attentive at first – later she realized that all encompassing love was like a drug; I liked it – knew it wasn’t healthy but I couldn’t resist it. I’m ashamed of how tolerant I was. It wasn’t your fault, Billy’s supportive. Amanda continues – Ripley used to check her phone – she couldn’t go anywhere without him. When the fog lifted, she ended it. That became a challenge for Ripley – there was hundreds of calls and texts a day. He broke in to get the ring he bought me. That’s when Amanda got the restraining order and left town. I should have called the police but I couldn’t – she cries – how does he still get to me? It’s complicated, Billy says – beating yourself up won’t help. He’s sorry he’s been putting all his problems on her while she’s been bottling up hers. You can still call the cops, Billy points out.

In the apartment, Lola sadly admits that Summer means more to Kyle than she does. Mariah doubts they’d have any problems if it weren’t for Summer. It doesn’t matter – she’s here and not going anywhere – and deep down Lola believes Kyle loves Summer. No, he didn’t say that. He didn’t want to hurt me but eventually we got to the truth. Mariah really thought they were meant to be. We wanted to believe it too, Lola sniffles. She won’t be like her Mom; loving a man who doesn’t love her back. Her talk with Kyle was hard but she’s relieved. There’ll be no more accusations; about Summer or Theo. If you want to move forward, let’s go – to my place, Mariah will help Lola look for a new apartment in the morning. Lola wants to stay but would appreciate help packing up Kyle’s stuff ~hug~

Jack was a lot like Theo – he knows all the angles. You were a self serving opportunist and so am I? Theo’s sarcastic. Taking advantage never goes well, Jack warns – if Kyle and Lola are having problems don’t involve yourself. It’ll just make things worse. Jack feels connected to Theo and wants everything to work out for him. Sending Theo ahead, Jack needs to make a quick call and leaves a message for Kyle – Hi son, give me a call. I know somethings going on and I don’t want you to make any mistakes you can’t undo.

Kyle looks into the paper bag Summer bought him; socks, tiny bottle of booze etc. She likes Lola – but you don’t belong with her. Summer won’t apologize for wanting what she wants.

There’s no sign of forced entry because Ripley duped housekeeping – they’ll corroborate Amanda’s story and he’ll be on security footage, Rey’s sure they’ll get this SOB. Thanks for coming, Billy shows the detective out then suggests Amanda lay down and get some rest. Perched on the end of her bed, Amanda agrees that Ripley likely won’t come back – but would still feel better if Billy stayed (as he offered)

Mariah’s putting Kyle’s stuff into boxes when Lola notices that she missed a call from Tessa and offers to step out to give her some privacy. No – Mariah’s here for Lola right now. Before she goes to ‘whip up’ some dinner, Lola’s warned not to be with Theo – never, ever, NEVER. I know his type – he’s manipulative and conniving – you can’t trust him. Lola thinks Theo more than his worse qualities. As kindly as possible, Mariah believes Theo’s just using Lola to get to Kyle. Dismayed to hear that he kissed Summer in San Francisco, Mariah’s more perturbed to hear that Lola’s attracted to the bad boy in Theo. You have bad boy syndrome – you’re doomed!

Theo quietly slips into the dark office to sit behind Kyle’s desk – and pick up a framed photo of him and Lola on their honeymoon.

Back in Kyle’s suite, Summer wants to respect his space and not wanting to take advantage of him being in a vulnerable place decides it time she left. Kyle grabs her hand to stop her – thank you. A kiss on the cheek is followed by a hug – and then a deeper kiss.

Kyle and Summer waste no time hitting the sheets.

Mariah thinks making her dinner is the last thing Lola needs to worry about – sit, relax. You’ve had an insane day. Lola agrees – she’s done. I miss him. Is it him you miss or what you guys could have been? Not sure, Lola reclines on the sofa to lean her head on her supportive friend.

Amanda asleep in bed, Billy goes over to sit in a chair and look unsure of what to do with himself.