Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

In the CEO’s office, Kyle’s conducting a meeting with regards to the Bay Street Cosmetics acquisition. Go to Lola with any questions – I mean Summer, she’s your point person on this. You know it’s been a long day when you confuse your employee with your wife – not recommended, he forces a chuckle.

Arriving at Society, Theo gives Mariah a wave but gets a warmer welcome from Lola – let’s go grab a table, she leads him off. Entering seconds later to watch them, Summer tells her Mom that this as a good reason to tell Kyle how she feels.

When Vikki finally arrives at CL’s to meet Billy, he complains about being kept waiting. What did I do now? It’s not what you did, it’s who you did, she corrects.

What the hell are you talking about? Billy’s baffled. As Vikki accuses him of cheating, Amanda arrives (with Nate) Her denial is interrupted. Vikki doesn’t want to hear it – I have proof. What? You’ll find out soon enough, she leaves Billy to take Amanda away from Nate to talk privately on the patio.

At a table with Theo, Lola thanks him for making her laugh. Both note Summer and her Mom having drinks in the seating area. Theo dissuades Lola from going over with more humour while Phyllis does the same with Summer. Rushing this will backfire, she warns – let the show come to you and in the meantime find somewhere else to hang out.

The bartender removes her earbuds and declares Mariah’s video of Tessa amazing – you have some serious skills girl. You won’t be out of work for long. Mariah’s distracted as she watches and waits for WW3 to break out.

Late for a meeting, Phyllis leaves Summer to eyeball Lola and Theo. As she stands up to approach them, Mariah intercepts. Both watch as Kyle comes out of the kitchen. We should talk, he comes over to Lola and Theo’s table. We probably should, she follows him into the kitchen. Summer and Mariah continue stare at Theo.

On the patio, Billy tells Amanda that Victor’s filling Vikki’s head with lies – you did nothing wrong – we did nothing wrong. Amanda sees Vikki’s point of view but yes, she and Billy are still friends. She’s a big girl and doesn’t need him to defend her from the Newmans. After Billy leaves, Nate joins Amanda to ask if everything’s OK. No it’s not, she admits.

Back at the ranch, Vikki tells her Dad that she saw Billy. No, it wasn’t easy. Follow me, Victor leads the way.

Billy’s accosted by Phyllis as soon as he arrives at TGP. Having just put away her phone, she already knows all about his fight with Vikki at the coffee house. She doesn’t care about her or Billy; Phyllis’ only concern is for her friend, Amanda.

Victor’s brought Vikki into his work out room for some boxing. OK, fine – just for you, Vikki allows him to put gloves on her.

Lola and Kyle need privacy, we should all leave, Mariah suggests. Theo thinks that a good idea. After Summer reluctantly exits too, the bartender praises Mariah for averting WW3. For now, Mariah’s pessimistic as she pays her tab and leaves.

In the kitchen, Kyle begins by saying that he isn’t surprised to find Theo with Lola – you can’t tell me he’s not part of this. Lola doesn’t feel her friendship with Theo is the issue. Kyle’s frustrated – what are the rules? You can be jealous of Summer but I can’t comment on Theo? Is it really the same thing? In tears, Lola goes back to what Kyle said the other day – Summer’s in your head.