Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

You look good, Ripley begins. Thank you – you look the same, Amanda clearly stunned to find her ex in her hotel suite. There’s a reason ‘it’s been a while’, she points out. He thinks the restraining orders as two wrongs that don’t make a right. Can we forget what happened in Madison and have a conversation? I’ve missed you. Mandy, it’s me, I’d never hurt you, he assures when she pulls out her phone to call the police. Just 10 minutes, he pleads.

Billy comes back to CL’s. Did Amanda take off? he asks Nate. She said she was OK. Vikki was out of line, he adds. No, Amanda’s not OK and Nate thinks she deserves better than Billy putting her in the line of fire with Vikki and the Newmans.

No, Lola doesn’t want to talk about it – she just wants to lean on Theo’s shoulder just a little bit longer. Outside the restaurant, Jack looks at them through the window in disbelief.

At TGP, Kyle tells Summer that he didn’t just have a fight with Lola – we broke up – getting a divorce. We laid everything out there and both know the truth; we don’t belong together. There’s someone else I never got over, he confesses.

Ripley was let in by housekeeping – to supposedly get this scarf Amanda forgot. He goes on about how in love they were. Why did you leave your firm, the city – put a GPS tracker on my car? He’d like her perspective on what happened. Go read the restraining order, Amanda barks – you stalked me; you’re stalking me now. Ripley knew she’d be angry – but you must still care on some level, he drapes her scarf around her neck. Yanking it off, Amanda does NOT want to ‘hash this out’ – I’ve been over you for a long time. But asked why she hasn’t called the cops, looks conflicted; her phone clutched to her chest.

Lola needs to figure out her life without Kyle – starting with getting off this couch. She appreciates Theo’s support but declines the offer of a ride home – her car’s parked out back. Kissing his cheek, she thanks Theo for being a good friend. Invited to call if she needs him, Lola smiles as she goes to the kitchen – I’ve got your number. Jack then appears to ask Theo what the hell he’s doing.

Kyle tells Summer that he won’t let Theo off the hook – but this is about where MY heart is. Maybe Lola suspected the truth all along – that I’ve never gotten over you. How can I make this easier for you? Summer asks. Kyle bids her good night and goes to book a room.

Billy made sure Amanda was OK before he left her – someone’s been lying to Vikki. Getting attitude from Nate, Billy’s tired of defending himself. Nate’s tired of Amanda getting it from all sides. Don’t call her – you just want to make yourself feel better – don’t drag Amanda down with you, Nate warns Billy then marches off.

Ripley admits that he was controlling and responded badly when Amanda pulled away. He got more desperate when she cut off contact, knowing he could make things right if only she’d talk to him. He remembers where he bought this scarf – in Chicago. It was great at first, Amanda agrees – but we can’t go back. Ripley swears that he’s changed – the restraining order was a wake up call. Hating the person he’d become he went to therapy. Amanda hearing him out so far gives him hope. What exactly are you hoping for? she asks.

When Billy knocks on the door, Ripley tells Amanda to let whoever it is leave. Instead she runs to the door and yanks it open. Everything OK in here? Billy past a visibly upset Amanda to glare at Ripley.

Still at Society, Theo tells Jack that he literally gave Lola a shoulder to lean on – that was it. Did you expect me to just leave her to cry? You’re convinced I have ulterior motives. Yes, because 30 years ago, Jack was just like Theo.

On the CL’s patio, Lola tells Mariah that she and Kyle are done. Done – done? If that’s the case let’s go upstairs, Mariah extends her hand. I’ll be with you every step away of the way. You’re not alone. Come on.

Kyle’s watching TV when there’s a knock at his door. ‘Room service’ a voice calls out. It’s Summer – she knows he needs space but brought him a few things.