Friday, February 7th, 2020

Rey enters Society’s kitchen ending a call with his Mom – she’s worried that something’s going on with you. Without a word, Lola sobs in her brother’s arms.

Theo read the look on Summer’s face when she arrived at Jabot. Summer recognizes his look too – a blatant opportunist about to pounce on his prey. Theo thinks he deserves credit for stirring things up the way he did. He slept alone last night. Stay away from Lola, Summer warns – she’s too good for you. Now you want to protect her? Seriously? Theo scoffs.

Marriage is a process; ups and downs – becoming stronger – compromise, Jack preaches. It’s too late for that, Kyle announces that he and Lola are getting a divorce.

Seated in the chemo chair, Sharon tells the nurse that Dr Blakely was very thorough. No questions – let’s get this started.

In the dining room, Lola tells Rey that she and Kyle have split up. Rey’s angry – he promised to cherish you. Lola believes Kyle meant the promises he kept – at the time. He and Summer have too much history to overcome. It hurts – but a clean break is for the best. She doesn’t want to waste time like Mom did with Adrian. Rey’s impressed – one day you’ll find a man worthy of you. I love you, he gives Lola a hug and leaves. Enter Theo – who makes a beeline for the kitchen. He and Lola stare at one another.

Going over a magazine quiz, Sharon’s ‘biggest turn on’is when a man wears sweatpants. Mariah looks for a more G rated quiz – 90’s movie trivia – this is perfect. Sharon looks up at the infusion pump that’s now attached and delivering the chemo drugs.

Jack’s stunned – after all you and Lola went through – it was real. Kyle knows that something was always off – he never got Summer out of his system. He refused to acknowledge it because he couldn’t see a way forward. And now you do? Jack asks. Kyle admits that Lola was a challenge – he discovered things about himself he never knew. He wanted to be the man she thought he was. He was never himself. Summer was always right there. Jack understands – loving two women is a very human situation. Kyle’s in tears as he concludes that once he and Lola settled into a routine, it became clear that he couldn’t give Lola the type of marriage she wants.

Back in the kitchen, Theo wastes no time tattling to Lola that Kyle spent the night with Summer. Lola’s reaction is to shove Theo against the fridge for a passionate kiss.

A bandage over her port, Sharon’s brought Rey and Mariah to CL’s. She’s been sitting all day and wants to be busy. Mariah and Rey are alarmed to hear that Sharon’s not hungry. You’re hovering, Sharon scolds. She feels OK, physically and emotionally. Mariah and Rey are relieved – we don’t know what it’s like to be you right now. Sharon sits to express herself – every once in a while she’d look up at the chemo pump, and with a jolt realize what’s happening; powerful medication is being pumped into my body to fight the cancer in me. The only thing left to do is make the best of it.

When Jack expresses concern about what Lola’s going through, Kyle admits that he feels guilty; he’s the villain. Spotting Summer through the window, Jack cautions Kyle not to jump into anything new. It will only make a bad situation worse.

Lola wants to take Theo off for some distraction sex. No, he surprises her.

Kyle also sees Summer through the window – he hates what he’s putting Lola through. For what it’s worth, ‘Smilin’ Jack’ wasn’t a saint at his age (a name that makes him cringe) I broke a lot of hearts and ashamed to have hurt women who didn’t deserve it. Kyle needs to find a way to move forward without causing more agony.

Theo knows Lola – as much as he wants her, he knows she’d have regrets – and that would kill him. You’re right, Lola walks away.

The effects of chemo are cumulative – things will get worse. Sharon’s prepared for it – but right now feels normal and wants to live in this moment and appreciate everyone supporting her. Mariah and Rey are pleased to hear that she wants to order all their favourite foods.