Monday, February 10th, 2020

Connor napping upstairs, Chelsea and Adam miss Paris already. Not ready to make the move permanent, Chelsea doesn’t care where they live – as long as the three of us are together ~kiss~

At Society, Abby and Nick comment on the big 50th anniversary shindig Dad’s throwing and Nikki’s mysterious trip to London and Vikki’s situation. Hopefully Dad’s not giving her the ‘I told you so’ treatment.

Victor’s surprised to hear that Billy’s been invited to the ranch to talk to the kids. Vikki thinks it’d be the best place to help Johnny and Katie deal with her and Billy’s separation. She vows that she won’t change her mind – her relationship with Billy is over. Then I have nothing to worry about, Victor pauses in the hallway to watch Vikki frowning, deep in thought.

Now seated at Society, Nick texts Sharon to see how her treatment went. She replies immediately to say that it’s going well – her squad; Rey, Mariah and Faith are with her.

Oh, it’s you, Abby greets Phyllis – Nick’s over there. Why the attitude? I’m no longer competition for Captain Fantastic. Abby never saw Phyllis as competition – don’t keep Nick waiting; he’s one of the few in town who can stand your company. Phyllis joins Nick – she wants to discuss Summer.

Billy grumbles about having to come to the ranch instead of talking to the kids at the house. Vikki explains her reasons – and there’s no going back.

Amanda’s at CL’s, watching the GPS tracker/app on her phone when Ripley appears – it says I’m in Madison but obviously, I’m not. He still has so much to say. Amanda doesn’t want to talk to him ever again. What will make you go away? Ripley wants to apologize – is that too much to ask?

Amanda doesn’t want or need an apology. But fine, make it quick. Ripley praises himself for meeting her in public – so she’d be comfortable. Whatever we had is long gone, Amanda’s firm – nothing you can say or do will change that.

Adam and Chelsea understand why Connor didn’t feel at him in Paris. He thinks he’d adjust, Chelsea loves Paris too – but enjoys her job at the hotel. She’s surprised to hear that Adam’s considering them going to the NE 50th anniversary party.

Katie and Johnny run into Billy’s arms with requests to go sledding. Your Mom and I need to talk to you, he sits them down. We both love you very much – nothing will change that, Vikki and Billy assure. Hearing that he’ll be living elsewhere, Johnny and Katie protest. It’ll be tough for us too – we want to be the best Mom and Dad. Don’t you love each other anymore? Johnny’s question goes unanswered.

Chelsea didn’t say she didn’t want to go. She’s not hesitating because of Nick – but is skeptical that Adam will be able to sit through an evening devoted to praising Victor. He can sit through anything with Chelsea at his side. After she goes up for a nap, Adam gets a text from Riza – she’s not asking questions now, she’s talking to the cops.

Informed that Kyle and Lola broke up, Nick looks pained – Summer not coming home last night makes sense now. Phyllis agrees that she probably spent the night with Kyle – she could hear the hope in her voice last night. Nick thinks this a huge mistake – Kyle married someone else. But he’s known Summer longer; they chose to work together, Phyllis is more accepting. Nick can’t stand the idea that she’s Kyle’s consolation prize. Both will support their daughter.

Billy and Vikki explain that they share a different kind of love. He’ll see so much of them that Katie and Johnny will get sick of him. Vikki looks grim as Billy tickles and reassures the kids – as he swipes away a tear.

Adam barges into Chance’s suite to announce that the situation in Vegas as taken an unexpected turn. I need to do something about it.

Everything Amanda said about him was right – but Ripley’s a changed man. It’s irrelevant to Amanda – YOU are irrelevant to me – she does NOT care. Ripley wants forgiveness and closure – we were close. Yes, but Amanda’s moved on. Ripley can see that – new life, hew job (but what he seems most interested in is her new man – is that guy who you’ve moved on with) Amanda’s life is none of Ripley’s business. He apologizes and wishes her nothing but the best. Rey walks over to ask if everything’s alright. It is now, Amanda says – as Rey stands Ripley up to arrest him for violating an order of protection.

In private, a subdued Vikki and Billy agree that this will be hard on the kids. We’ve both made choices that have impacted the kids (but it’s clear that Vikki blames Billy) He wants to talk logistics – he won’t go days without seeing his kids. Vikki’s OK with co-parenting – with one condition; Billy’s to keep the kids away from Amanda.

She went to the cops!? Chance is alarmed by the news Riza sent to Adam – but him flying off to Vegas is a bad idea. It’s my doing; my problem, Adam can handle himself. Most of the time, Chance agrees. Reminding Adam of the episode with his Father, Chance insists on going along.

As Rey’s leading him out in cuffs, Amanda gives Ripley permission to say one more thing. The risk of being arrested was worth it – he just wants to be friends. You’re a sociopath who no longer has control over me, Amanda’s firm. We’re done here, she gives Rey the nod to escort Ripley out.

Billy’s insulted that Vikki thinks he’d do anything to hurt the kids and again denies having an affair with Amanda. Suspecting that’s Victor’s claim, Billy reminds of how many times he’s lied to keep them apart. Why would he lie? We were already broken up, Vikki won’t let Billy blame her Dad for everything. This isn’t about him. It’s always about him, Billy complains that she always chooses her Father’s side. If you were half the man he is, I wouldn’t have to, Vikki fires back. Defiantly saying that she won’t dictate when or where he sees his kids – and with whom he spends his time, Billy marches out.

Over a charcuterie board at Society, Nick thanks Phyllis for the heads up. He’ll talk to Summer but can’t promise that he’ll keep his feelings to himself. On the same page where Kyle’s concerned, they clink beer glasses.

Chance arrives at Society to find Abby still thinking about their date – and eager for a repeat. Phyllis overhears Chance inform Abby that first he has some business in Vegas to wrap up.

Abby assumes the business Chance needs to wrap up is top secret. He’ll be back from Vegas before she knows it. Since his plane leaves in a couple of hours, Abby suggests they make the most of their time. Hand in hand they run upstairs. Observing all, is Phyllis.

Adam returns to the penthouse to tell Chelsea that he had to run a few errands. She’s surprised to hear that he has to leave town. We just got back – why so suddenly?

Phyllis rejoins Nick to comment that there was a line up in the ladies room. Knowing better, Nick busts her on eavesdropping on Chance and Abby while trying to look like a potted plant. There’s something big going on with Adam and Chance, Phyllis is sure. Nick hope she’s wrong – he just asked Chance to do some work for him. Keep me in the loop – no wait – Nick doesn’t care and maybe Phyllis shouldn’t either.

Victor comes home to hear Vikki on the phone playing hardball – this isn’t a merger – we strip the company and sell the assets – she wants the best for Newman; nothing less.

At TGP, Amanda gets on the elevator with Billy.

Same suite – same rush to the same bed – same love-struck expression on Abby’s face as she and Chance hit the sheets.

Adam thinks it best that Chelsea doesn’t know all the details. Chelsea heard him on the phone regarding some woman who was asking a lot of questions. Yes, this trip is connected – Adam will tell Chelsea when the time’s right. I won’t be gone long. Do I need to say ‘be careful’? she wonders.

Phyllis scoffs at Nick’s implication that Chance is a boy scout. You love this part of me, she jokes. Nick can’t disagree – thanks to the talk and the beer. Look out for yourself, he leaves Phyllis to cancel an appointment because she’s going to Vegas – I plan to hit the jackpot.