Friday, February 7th, 2020

Theo’s at Jabot bright and early to update Summer on something they’re working on. She’s not here, Jack informs – and neither is Kyle. Theo’s surprised and hopeful that he was up late working out things with Lola. He heard Jack’s advice and wants his friend and Kyle to be happy.

At Society, Lola’s on the phone scolding her Mom to stay off her injured ankle. Never mind how I am, follow doctor’s orders and get plenty of rest. She again declines talking about herself – I’m executive chef at the hottest restaurant in town – why wouldn’t I be happy? Everything’s fine.

Awakening in bed with his back to Summer, Kyle can feel her smiling at him – I shouldn’t be this happy. This wasn’t a mistake ~kiss~

Summer worried Kyle might wake up feeling guilty. He gives her a kiss that indicates that’s not the case. How do you want to handle this? Summer thinks they should keep this to themselves for now. Never mind what people believe, Kyle knows Summer didn’t break up his marriage – this was inevitable. Summer doesn’t want to cause anyone pain. This is enough for now – we can figure out the rest later.

Mariah and Rey help Sharon pack up for her first day of chemo. She’s as ready as she’ll ever be. Mariah insists on spending the day with her Mom; one good thing about being unemployed. We’re here for you ~hug~ Let’s do this – all three file out the door.

Arriving at Jabot, Summer’s all business when she encounters Theo. Kyle comes along seconds later. Rough night cuz? Theo knows something went down last night – it looks like you didn’t sleep well. As he denies ‘playing games’, Jack comes out to summon Kyle into his office.

No time for spellcheck today. Have a great weekend!!

Busy in the kitchen, Lola ends a call, instructs a staff member then takes a moment to sigh and look tired.

At the hospital, Rey and Mariah decide to come with a name for the infusion pump; – Irene the Machine. You don’t both need to wait around, Sharon’s waiting for some lab results before she starts chemo. Mariah will go get coffee and send some resumes out – don’t go anywhere. Sharon then tries but fails to get rid of Rey. She’s astounded to hear that he’s taking a step back from work.

Paul was happy to lighten my workload, Rey informs. Sharon doesn’t want him to put his life on hold for her. This IS my life – supporting the woman I love, Rey persists. Sharon can’t argue with that. When she needs to be alone, Rey will go put in a few hours at the station. A nurse comes in to announce that Sharon’s blood-work looks fine – a doctor will be in o discuss your treatment. When Sharon asks to be alone, Rey gives her a kiss and leaves.

Looking for Kyle? Theo asks (still seated outside Jack’s office) Shouldn’t you be working? Summer fires back. Theo reminds that they have a meeting. I suppose you do have other things on your mind. He knows Summer spent the night with Kyle last night – no judgment. It’s been clear to me and Lola for weeks now.

In the office, Jack would like to hear Kyle’s side of the story. Lola and I weren’t meant to be, Kyle isn’t bothered to hear that Theo was consoling his wife last night. The problem was never Theo, Kyle admits, it was me. Maybe Theo worming his way into our lives forced us to face the truth.