Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

With a few more snarky words, Abby leaves Phyllis and Nick to join Summer and Kyle. No, they have no announcement to make. Nick and Phyllis make it clear that they aren’t onboard with them reconciling.

Chelsea gushes that she and Adam are so solid. Too bad if anyone has a problem with that. Chloe vows she won’t get in the way of that.

Summer and Kyle are sure they’re meant to be together and won’t let anything get in their way. Nick’s not convinced – but Phyllis is sure they aren’t the only couple who’ve given it more than one shot – like Victor and Nikki; they make it work. Perhaps Nick shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

Nate ends a call to report that Jared doesn’t know that as his grandfather’s next of kin, he has decisions to make. He now wonders if Amanda’s ever looked into her biological family.

Tessa’s a deer in the headlights as Mariah makes way to the stage. Mic in hand, she strolls onstage to deliver a heartfelt apology; this is real, true and honest. Tessa Porter, I love you with every atom of my being. The crowd applauds her apology and vow to never betray Tessa again.

Nate’s sorry. It’s OK – no, Amanda’s never tried to track down her biological family. When Abby arrives to spot them on the patio, Adam claims that she was too good for him anyway and that they’re both low on the Newman pecking order. Abby won’t side with Adam against her Father. He just wants her to be careful – we both know Dad’s capable of going to some pretty dark places. Abby’s left to frown on it.

Still at the penthouse, Chloe admires Chelsea’s sketches and will be more careful about cracking jokes about Adam.

Nick chuckles – it’s ridiculous for Phyllis to claim his standards are too high. And when Summer and Kyle congratulate Nick on his gig at Newman, Phyllis takes credit for talking him into it and scolds Nick for being so negative. They continue to bicker until Nick accuses Phyllis of stealing the hotel. As her parents march off in different directions, Summer realizes they’ve hooked up again.

Agreeing that something’s up, Kyle and Summer watch Nick and Phyllis regroup to exchange apologies. They decline ordering a drink, say their goodbyes and leave (supposedly to work) And we’re the ones jumping back into a relationship, Summer quips to Kyle.

Adam’s at the penthouse with Chelsea to update that he mentioned Alyssa to Victor and he had a flicker in his eyes; one he knows all too well – he’s holding something back and Adam will find out what it is.

As Victor mopes over a drink, Nikki tells him not to let Adam get to him. Victor opines that the farm was such a peaceful place and is left to his thoughts and drink as Nikki goes up to check on Vikki.

Mariah and Tessa are alone on the stage – in front of all these people. Mariah vows to do whatever it takes to win Tessa back – tell me what to do and I’ll do it. The crowd gasps as Tessa hurries off without saying a word.