Monday, March 16th, 2020

At the estate, Billy serves Lily tea and shares his vision for Chancellor media; digital, print, apps, podcasts – we’ll dominate the market. Exciting, Lily’s underwhelmed – the ideas are good but where will all the content and staff come from?

In Society’s kitchen, Abby announces that she sold her shares in TGP to Phyllis and will build a new hotel across the street. What does this mean for Society? Lola wonders. That’s why Abby’s there – we need to discuss a few things.

Kyle’s impressed with the ‘epic’ sales numbers for the new skincare line; the biggest opening for a Jabot product in years. 132 years, Summer gloats. Kyle declares her a marketing genius ~kiss~ Barging into the office, Theo’s inspired to see his bosses working so hard. Just kidding. Jack appears all smiles – glad to see everyone getting along.

At home, Sharon feels good and very connected to Rey; whose love means the world to her ~kiss~

Above the clouds, Tanner believes Mariah IS sorry. And he can’t blame her for thinking Tessa had cheated with him (based on the photos we posted) That was just to generate buzz, it’s not real, Tessa points out. It is for me, Tanner’s confession raises Tessa’s eyebrows.

At CL’s, Mariah mopes over a photo of Tessa on her phone.

Jack and Theo now peer at the amazing numbers displayed on the laptop. Wow, Jack says – we haven’t had a launch like this in…. 12 years, Theo chimes in. And as he goes to follow Kyle and Summer out, Jack orders him to stay.

Theo explains that he busted Kyle and Summer’s chops because he caught them fooling around. Jack wonders why he feels the need to bust Kyle’s chops. If it’s not jealousy what is it? Jack suspects it’s resentment – you want Kyle to fail; convince me I’m wrong.

Abby wants Lola to consult on her new hotel – I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else. Lola doesn’t need time to think about it – I’d be thrilled! ~hug~ They then discuss Chance being the ‘right one’ for Abby.

At TGP, Chance has news for Jill – the money transferred to Devon didn’t come from Collin’s account. He laundered it.

Arriving at CL’s, Summer hopes everything will work out between Mariah and Tessa. You told her? Mariah’s not happy. Kyle’s sorry he broke her confidence. Both sitting, Summer’s support isn’t appreciated. Mariah updates Kyle that Tessa can’t forgive her – I’m my own worst enemy. She then lashes out at Summer – telling me to move on means you think it’s hopeless.

Mariah blames Kyle – why did you give me that pep talk and send me to go talk to Tessa. I screwed up – stop looking at me with pity, she snaps at Summer. I don’t need sympathy, she runs out in tears.

You wanted Mariah to think something was going on between you and me? The photos you posted and answering my phone all the time was part of your plan? Tessa doesn’t believe Tanner – you used to be a better liar. OK, Tanner thinks Tessa and Mariah are the real deal (and that Tessa should forgive her)