Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

The ‘do not disturb’ sign on his hotel room door, Kyle’s snuggling in bed with Summer. Now for a shower then it’s off to meet her parents.

At TGP, Phyllis and Abby are verbally sparring when Chloe arrives. Praised for a great job in marketing, she hands in her resignation. So much for your management style, Abby’s sure more will quit and Phyllis will be cleaning rooms by herself soon.

Unable to find Jared, Nate and Amanda arrive at the CL’s patio. He’s ready to give up – she’s not (which leads him to wonder how bad her childhood in the system was)

At the ranch to update on the good job he’s doing at NE, Nick will be focussing on New Hope tomorrow. Capable of handling both, Nick won’t give up on those who need him to sit behind a desk and make more money for Newman.

Adam comes home to hear that Chloe’s coming over later to talk to Chelsea about resurrecting her fashion line. Neither can get Alyssa’s story out of their minds. It’s weird that Victor was in Kansas when her Dad died. Could he have had anything to do with it?

There’s no proof that Victor even knew Alyssa’s Father but Chelsea feels there’s more to the story – and why wouldn’t Hope attend the funeral? Adam finds it a bit puzzling but there could be any number of reasons. While Chelsea’s talking business with Chloe, Adam will go on a recognizance mission deep in enemy territory.

Onstage, Tessa wants to focus on tuning her guitar (and not Mariah) Everything will be ontrack tonight, she’s sure. Aside, Tanner smiles as he reads a text. He has a feeling Tessa’s right about that.

Back at TGP, Phyllis doesn’t need Chloe’s two week notice – go clean out your desk (she can handle marketing herself thanks very much) After Chloe leaves, Abby gloats about the hotel she’s building and her romance. All you have is this hotel to keep you warm at night. No? Who’s the man who fell for your bull this time? Abby asks.

Adam gets a frosty welcome at the ranch. Nikki warns him not to upset Vikki (resting upstairs) Adam’s there about something more troubling than the company.

Still on the patio, Amanda explains that she became a lawyer to ensure nobody takes advantage of ever again. Her foster family was good but we didn’t connect. Nate reaches across the table to hold her hand.

At the penthouse, Chloe thinks TGP will be a lot less grand without her and Chelsea (who then relays her wonderful trip to Kansas) She looks forward to a future with Adam on their terms, no one elses.

Adam’s at the ranch to talk about the farm being in sad shape. George is getting old and can’t maintain it. Victor will take care of it. Adam appreciates that and now believes that Nick is the best one to replace Vikki. He’s staying about the fray. Nick and his parents are skeptical. When Adam then mentions his old friend, Victor says the name doesn’t ring a bell.

Have a pleasant evening everyone, Adam leaves Victor to assure Nikki and Nick that he’s been neutralized. Nick will be ready if he tries anything. Nikki and Victor are now left to muse about Adam – you never know what he’s planning. Many have said you’re a mystery too, Nikki smiles.

Tessa finishes her set and introduces Tanner. As the audience raves, Tessa’s puzzled when he sings a song she wrote for Mariah – who then appears to watch in the wings.