Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

At CL’s, Sharon takes her anger out on sugar dispensers; getting the attention of everyone, including Rey as he walks in.

Devon ends a call with Jill to tell Abby that she couldn’t be happier. Hearing that Dina’s home, he wishes Abby’s family the best.

Phyllis reminds Amanda that she’s not being stalked anymore (so should hook up with Nate) Thanks for the drinks and pep talk, Amanda bids her a good day and exits. Phyllis is on the phone in the corner of the lounge when Nikki follows Nick in to disagree that Vikki’s fine.

Vikki tosses a half-eaten donut in the trash and talks to her Dad’s portrait – yup, I’m back.

Adam gripes about Victor not giving him control of NE – why did you reject me? Victor practically gave Adam the keys to the kingdom when he came back from Vegas. Ignoring all that, Adam scoffs at Victor putting Nick in charge. He has come to terms with it, but they’re my terms. He puts an envelope on the table marked ‘confidential’. Read it.

Reassured that Vikki’s ready to work, Nikki asks what Nick plans to do with all his free time. She knows all about New Hope – why are you distracted? Who are you meeting? She’s not happy to follow his eyes – to Phyllis.

At the clinic, Elena reports a successful day to Devon then teases Nate about not seeing that the perfect woman’s right under his nose. Look at this place, Amanda comes in on cue.

Please come over, Sharon texts Mariah from home. I feel so stupid, she regrets making a scene at CL’s. Rey holds her as she fears she’ll lose her breast. She didn’t even hear what the radiologist said – she could see the tumour on the scan.

After all agree that Jared’s a different kid, Elena nudges Devon. They not so discreetly leave Amanda to ask Nate out on a date.

Please tell me you’re not taking up with that woman again, Nikki doesn’t understand – she’s given you nothing but grief. Nick considers himself warned. You’ll wish you’d listened to me, she predicts (then leaves Phyllis to flirt with Nick)

Adam recaps what Victor’s reading – AJ’s death wasn’t an accident. It’s up to me whether this story gets published. He’s sure he’s got Victor backed up against a wall. Now, tell me I’m just like you. Victor smirks – you have no proof.

Nick’s not surprised by his Mother’s reaction and Phyllis enjoys watching people’s heads explode ~kiss~

Vikki takes a call from her receptionist – put him right through.

Adam will turn his proof over to the police when his article’s published; proof that will put Victor in prison for life. So, you what are the terms? Victor leans forward to ask.

Sharon needs to text Nick so he can pick Faith up from school. It’s OK to freak out, Rey encourages her to express how she’s feeling – there’s so much the doctor’s can do for you, he holds her as she repeats – I want it gone. I want it gone.