Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Arriving at Society, Lola finds Theo deep in thought. He updates on Dina – she updates on Kyle asking for a divorce. It’s time, no big deal, right?

In Jabot’s boardroom, Summer vents to Kyle about her parents. I’m through with them. Would it kill them to just grow up!?

Caught off-guard by Nick asking about their relationship, Phyllis asks him to go first.

At home, Sharon’s annoyed by Rey fussing over her – the immediately apologizes; I love you ~hug~ She’s nervous about her scan results tomorrow. Tell Lola, so you have someone to talk to, she asks. Mariah’s surprise return is welcomed with a hug.

Billy’s at CL’s when he gets a call from Vikki summoning him to the ranch. It’s good to hear your voice, his friendliness is not returned.

Sharon correctly guesses that Mariah came home in time for her scan tomorrow. After Rey leaves to go see Lola, she gently scolds Mariah for coming home early. I only have one Mom, this is where I need to be.

When Billy arrives, Vikki’s surprised to hear that he was at the hospital but prevented from seeing her by Nick. Have a seat, she seems to have something important to say.

Back at NE, Nick sums up his relationship with Phyllis; what they want and what they should do are two different things.

Phyllis agrees – we can’t do this again. Of course she can control her impulses. Nick knows just what to do. She’s puzzled when he takes a seat at his desk and opens his tablet.

Summer continues to whine about her parents ‘smooching’, sure it’ll go up in flames. Kyle has something he needs to tell her.

At Society’s bar, Theo puts a supportive arm around Lola – as Rey arrives for a private word with his sister. That guy? Seriously? he raises an eyebrow after Theo exits.

Vikki tells Billy that the shock of the attack and their breakup is what’s keeping her down. But, she knows what she needs to do in order to move forward.

Not needing a spreadsheet to list the pros and cons, Phyllis perches on Nick’s desk – give me a reason we should be together and I’ll give you a few dozen more.

On the CL’s patio, Theo’s on his phone calling in a favour; tickets to a Broadway show.