Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Seated behind his desk, Nick’s mind is on Phyllis. She’s caught grinning at TGP by Amanda – there’s only thing that makes me smile like that.

Nikki fusses as Vikki packs up to go to the office. She’s liberated being free of Billy and finally had a good night’s sleep. Take it easy, Nikki’s left to fret alone.

Adam’s with Victor at Society claiming that his trip to Kansas has made him want to mend fences at the farm and with his Dad. He’s feeling content. Victor seems skeptical that there’s not more to Adam’s change in attitude.

A jet-lagged but excited Abby brings Devon great news at Society – she and Chance went to Europe to set a trap for Collin; Swiss authorities will be extraditing him in a few days. Devon has news of his own – New Hope’s free clinic is opening today. Elena and Nate are there now – along with Jared and Amanda. Elena’s great with them making amends.

At the clinic, Nate and Elena can’t believe how many patients they’ve seen in their first few hours.

Sharon’s at her appointment, nervously waiting for the results of the scan she’s just had.

Time goes by slowly for Sharon as she paces and watches the clock. When the radiologist relays the results, her voice is drowned out by Sharon’s heartbeat.

Nick clams the phone down – I sound like my Dad?! he’s angry – then stunned when Vikki breezes in ready to work. She again announces that she’s moved on from Billy (much to Nick’s delight) He couldn’t be more proud.

Victor asks to be enlightened. Adam is content with Chelsea and Connor – and wants a good relationship with his Father. He then mentions taking over for Victor when he was presumed dead in Mexico. You loved that I went to great lengths to take over NE – I’m just like you; something you always wished for. But you know what they say – be careful what you wish for.

Amanda’s not buying that the gleam in her eye is due to a client. It’s Nick, Phyllis quickly reveals all. Happy for her, Amanda talks about Jared (but insists she isn’t interested in Nate)

Vikki realizes that Nick probably had his whole day scheduled. No, he doesn’t want to keep her job – someone accused him of being like Dad so it’s good Vikki’s back (to give him the day off)