Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Back at NE, Adam wants what’s his and is tired of waiting til it’s given to him – this isn’t revenge, it’s family justice. Vikki declares Adam a sick joke. Victor’s not saying anything, Adam points out – do we have a deal?

Phyllis has to ask – what if I was sick? Wouldn’t you run for the hills? Nick wants to be with someone he’d do anything for – isn’t that what you want?

That’s enough, Vikki orders Adam out of her office – we have better things to do, right Dad? Adam will leave them to discuss it – but won’t wait forever. These are all lies, right? she’s left to ask Victor.

With a brief kiss, Mariah’s sorry she wasn’t here to greet Tessa. What a great guy Tanner is sending her home early. Sharon had a setback, Mariah updates that she’ll have to have surgery. Tessa offers supportive words and a hug. The four ladies then sit down to discuss the tour – and become five when Summer arrives to a warm welcome by all.

Chelsea and Adam come home at the same time. He just wrapped things up with Victor and an angry Vikki – who has no idea what’s going on so thinks it lies. Victor? He was a different story.

Back at CL’s, Phyllis claims that she’s late for a meeting – sorry. Nick’s left to look disappointed and unconvinced.

When Summer asks Sharon if she can take Faith to a movie, Sharon looks relieved when they all go.

Vikki wants to fight back – but how? She’s with her Father all the way. Taking a seat behind her desk, Victor has to tell Vikki something.

Victor didn’t have much to say, Adam reports to Chelsea – he accused me of peddling lies but let Vikki do most of the talking. He then takes a call from Victor. Vikki looks horrified in the background as her Father tells Adam that he’s won – NE’s yours.