Friday, April 3rd, 2020

At Society, Chloe’s suggestion of Chelsea 3.0 is rejected as her baby kicks. Chelsea reaffirms that she’s very happy with Adam – we might have something to celebrate by the end of the day.

Victor’s not at NE to check up on Vikki – he has something to discuss. What is it? And what the hell is he doing here? she asks as Adam barges in.

Dammit – Nick was hoping for better news – keep me in the loop, he ends his call as Summer arrives on the CL’s patio. What’s wrong? she asks. It’s about Sharon, Nick looks serious.

Coming home, Mariah and Faith immediately detect that things didn’t go well with Sharon’s scan.

Sharon explains that chemo didn’t shrink her tumour – her surgery might be more invasive. They did the best they could, she assures Faith. Mariah wonders what invasive means – a lumpectomy? Sharon’s not sure.

Back on the patio, Summer’s stunned to hear that Sharon’s battling cancer (and surprised when Phyllis joins them to say that she already knows) Nick tells both that it’s just a set back. Phyllis declares the news ‘awful’.

Handing Vikki an envelope, Adam gives her a short version – Victor had a man killed. He can bury the story or publish it (depending on if he gets what he wants – and what Adam wants is ‘all of this’)

Amazed by Sharon’s strength, Summer wants to help but how can she help? Be a big sister to Faith, Phyllis suggests – be a rock for her. She and Nick share a discreet smile as Summer pulls out her phone.

When Faith suggests that surgery might be the best option – get rid of the whole thing, Sharon gives her a reassuring hug – but shares a worried look with Mariah.

You guys are the best, Summer’s changed her tune and leaves with apologies and I love you’s. Nick’s left to tell Phyllis that, per Rey, Sharon will be having surgery soon. He’s surprised when Phyllis decides that they don’t need to define their relationship.

Home from her tour, Tessa’s at Sharon’s (Mariah took Faith out to get snacks) Welcome home, Sharon admits that she’s been better and is glad to have a few moments alone with Tessa – to thank her for forgiving Mariah. Not sure what her future holds, Sharon’s relieved to know that Tessa will be there for her daughter (who arrives to see them hugging)

No, Chelsea’s not pregnant – Adam’s working on a deal that might change their lives. Yes, it’s legal but Chloe’s told to ‘drop it’.

Your brother’s trying to blackmail me, Victor sums it up for Vikki – to get something I was willing to give him. You tried to bring me down with a cockamamie story once before – didn’t work then and it ain’t gonna work now. Adam cites Alyssa’s evidence – you buried her Father and the truth. He knows Vikki, a loyal little soldier, must believe he’s right. No, Vikki feels sorry for Adam – even sorrier for his child.

Chloe hopes Adam appreciates the champion he has in Chelsea. He does – and she has on in him too – we’re a good team and won’t anything or anyone get in the way of what we want.