Monday, April 6th, 2020

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam can’t believe what just happened – Victor’s replacing Vikki with Adam at Newman. Clearly what the Kansas coroner told Alyssa is true. Victor may have folded but Adam doesn’t expect his siblings to follow suit.

Call him back and rescind the offer, Vikki’s sure Adam paid off the coroner. It’s not like you to back down from a fight, especially one you can win. What’s going on? she asks her Dad.

At Society, Abby relays Devon’s reaction to hearing of Collin’s arrest. Chance thinks Devon a good guy. Elena’s great too, Abby wants to go out with them sometime soon. Now, she’s off to TGP to see how Phyllis is coping. Coping with what? Chance wonders what Abby’s up to.

As guests in the lounge cover their ears and complain to staff, Phyllis is on the phone apologizing for the loud construction taking place nearby.

Planning to visit his Grandma, Chance asks how Abby’s is. Dina has a social engagement this evening.

Theo chatters to Dina; he’s fascinated impressed by the life she led. You’re popular tonight, he goes to let Lola in (with her favorite dessert)

Adam and Chelsea discuss – Vikki will be blinded by rage – Abby could be a problem but Nick’s a bigger one; he took the CEO job just to prevent Adam from having it. Chelsea’s not concerned – he never wanted it. She really wants this for Adam ~kiss~

Wanting to chase Adam back to Vegas, Vikki doesn’t understand why her Father’s taking this. Victor has a plan – and Vikki’s rage doesn’t help. She worries about being publically humiliated; Adam will claim she’s traumatized and unstable- and you won’t contradict that lie either, will you?

This is the girl I was nervous about, Theo needs more advice from Dina – I’m taking Lola to New York. We might stay at the Carlyle – the Plaza? The Pierre? Dina finally/visibly brightens. Theo and Lola will have a cocktail in Dina’s honour at The Pierre.

Victor wants to think of what’s best for the company. I’m what’s best for the company, Vikki feels it a betrayal to her and Nick. Why aren’t you fighting Adam? Maybe you’re impressed that he’s as ruthless as you are – maybe you want him behind that desk. Victor rejects both claims. Still furious, Vikki storms out of the office.

Adam tells Chelsea that he might have made the same decisions Victor made – we’re exactly the same.

At the estate, Chance updates that Collin’s awaiting extradition and won’t be walking the streets again anytime soon. He did rat out his co-conspirators and clear Jill’s name. And they say romance is dead, she quips.

I’m so sorry Sir, Phyllis is apologizing as guest leaves in a huff. When Abby enters laughing, Phyllis points out that bylaws restrict construction at 5 am. Abby managed to bypass those bylaws. One more thing, since she’s still co-owner, she’s given her construction crew permission to use TGP facilities.

Vikki’s at the ranch to tell her Mom that she refuses to spend another night in this house.