Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Phyllis confronts Abby and Chance at Society – she has a video of a woman impersonating her at the bank where her safety deposit box was robbed of her flashdrive. She had a fake ID. Admit you’ve been outplayed, Abby smirks. When Phyllis does, she and Chance think that way too easy.

Rey and Sharon are now in a suite in which he’s got sounds of waves crashing on the shore, candles, salmon for dinner. We can forget about the rest of the world tonight and focus on each other ~kiss~

Victor’s sorry Nick saw Adam’s interview before he got a chance to talk to him. If you’re not a murderer, why did you give Adam what he wants? Nick asks. Victor’s protecting his family. Listing Victor’s many mistakes when it comes to Adam, Nick won’t let him handle this by himself. Refusing to provide details, Nick quips – doesn’t feel good to be left in the dark does it?

Phyllis assumes all the evidence against Adam is destroyed. Chance assumes so. That’s a shame – Phyllis was going to give it to Nick. I’m trying to protect your family. You cleared the path for Adam to attack the Newmans – brilliant move! Abby’s left looking like she messed up.

Mariah’s not thrilled when Theo takes a seat with Mariah and Tessa. He apologizes for flirting with Tessa when they were at Power Communications. Congratulations on all your followers – if properly nurtured by a social media professional, it’ll benefit your bank accounts. Even IF we wanted to monetize our relationship we wouldn’t hire a cynic – it’d be like hiring the Grinch to promote Christmas.

The last time Adam attacked, we united to fight him. This time you act like we can’t handle the truth. Victor insists Nick doesn’t get involved – and tell Vikki not to dig into it either. It’s dangerous. Nick’s OK with him and his sister being shut out – but Nikki deserves to know.

Despite everyone trying to keep it from her, Sharon knows what’s going on with Adam. She’s indignant on Vikki’s behalf but doesn’t want to talk to Adam. Rey’s main motive was having a private night with Sharon.

You don’t know me at all, Theo’s met with jokes and sarcasm. He didn’t really want to promote the whole Teriah thing. Mariah knows all about Kyle and Theo both making presentations to Jack in the morning – shouldn’t you be working? Theo’s got all sorts of ideas. Mariah hopes so – this could be your last chance to impress Uncle Jack.

Abby suggests Chance get Adam to incriminate himself on tape – so she can help her sister and Dad. Chance doesn’t feel comfortable setting a trap for the man who saved his life.

Back at the ranch, Nikki warns Victor that the family may never recover from decisions he’s making now. If you knew what happened in Kansas you’d understand. Nikki wants to understand – wants to know. There’s no going back, but Victor will tell Nikki everything.

Mariah needles Theo some more – without dreams of glory at Jabot, what else do you have? Didn’t you have someplace to be? Theo dismisses her and Tessa (who give Abby a kiss on their way out) Abby’s too tired to go to a movie with Chance. OK, he’ll give her a call tomorrow. Abby’s left to sigh.

It might be the last time we can be together before ‘things’ change, Sharon wants to remember everything about this night ~kiss~

Phyllis has bad news for Nick – she ran into complications and doesn’t have access to information she thought she had. Nick’s relieved (not wanting her in the line of fire) ~kiss~

Nikki doesn’t know what to say – you’ve been keeping this horrible secret all these years. Yes, of course she understands Victor’s actions and why the story can’t become public. She’s not sure what she was expecting Victor to say but it wasn’t this. We’ll find our way through it, together.