Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Victor returns to the ranch with a bouquet of flowers; an expression of his love. Nikki puts them down to worry about Vikki being humiliated and besieged by the press. Victor will reinstate her as soon as he can – regardless of any contract he signs with Adam. Nikki’s not surprised that Nick’s not answering his Dad’s calls – he knows already – how can you do this to this family? she’s frustrated.

At Society, Mariah and Tessa discuss Adam ousting Vikki. Sharon can’t get sucked into this drama and Adam doesn’t know about her diagnosis (which is probably for the best) She’ll find out about it soon, it’s all over the news, Tessa points out.

Rey has romance in mind – leave the details up to me, he gives Sharon a kiss.

Greeting Traci like an old friend, Phyllis is calling to send a masseuse up to her room when a ‘furious’ Nick appears to swear her to secrecy before confiding that Adam has something on Victor. I’ll tell you but you can’t use it against him.

Mariah informs Tessa that she’s taking care of Faith so Rey can whisk Sharon away for a romantic evening. When Abby happens by, Mariah comments on how horrible Vikki must be feeling thanks to Adam. Abby excuses herself when Chance arrives. Neither has any idea how Adam pulled this off.

You think Victor killed this guy AJ to protect Hope? Phyllis thinks a loan shark beneath Victor Newman. And if it was self-defense, why would Victor hide it? Victor loves to pit his kids against each other. Adam has leverage and he’s using it, Nick scowls. Phyllis might have leverage of her own. Running out to run an errand, she’ll get back to Nick with some info he can use.

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Victor will rectify the situation, it’s just taking a bit longer than he anticipated. Nikki worries about what happens to Vikki in the meantime – instead of support you’re reinforcing all the doubts she has about your faith in her. Victor maintains that the story of AJ Montella must never see the light of day. Nikki wants to know what really happened – you’re holding something back.

Rey serves Sharon complimentary drinks (because their room at TGP isn’t ready yet) He has a lifetime’s worth of vacation ideas for the long life they’ll have together.

At Society, Abby assures Chance that she’s not getting drawn into whatever’s going on with her family – but is there if Victor needs her. As they kiss, Mariah’s glad to see her happy; Abby’s been a good friend to me – we went dancing once. At the Matchbox? Tessa’s glad Lyndsay’s working there and doesn’t need more reassurance from Mariah.

In her suite, Traci’s on the phone thanking Jack for the shaker of Cosmos. Gotta go – I have a massage any minute now. Hanging up, Traci goes to put on her fluffy white robe.

Nick’s at the ranch to talk to his Father – we can’t put this off any longer.