Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

At CL’s, Sharon insists on proving she’s feeling fine by taking over as Mariah’s making fake flower arrangements for the tables. Once again Sharon finds herself looking at shattered glass on the floor.

Adam stands to assure Nick that this is no game – and Victor clearly IS a murderer (or else why would he cave?) Take your phony outrage elsewhere! Chelsea rushes in to find the brothers shouting in each other’s faces.

Traci comes home to reassure Jack that the noise he heard wasn’t from Dina’s room – she’s resting. He then informs that Kyle and Theo are too busy to stop by – he has them working on something and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Out for drinks at Society, Summer again offers to help Kyle with his project. Lola’s not here, the coast is clear, they kiss. Now, let’s go slay some dragons. Lola comes out of the kitchen to watch them but is distracted by an alarming phone call.

Kendra comes in to unform Theo that Kyle and Summer have booked Jabot’s boardroom. Deciding to take his work to Society, Theo asks if she’s still up for helping him (she is)

Did you know about this? Nick asks. Leave Chelsea out of it! Adam growls. Chelsea gets in between the two men to tell Nick that he should be thanking Adam. You want my gratitude for blackmailing my Father?! Nick can’t believe he’s now seeing how ugly and dark Chelsea is.

Kyle and Summer thank Kendra for ‘organizing the room’ but don’t need her to take notes. After she leaves, Summer looks suspicious.

Theo appreciates Lola letting him work at Society; he could use some more of her positivity. Finally able to get a word in, Lola announces that she needs to go to Miami to sort out a contracting problem with her restaurant. Taking it in stride, Theo doesn’t need an apology – his pitch for Jack is in great shape. Hugging Lola, he doesn’t look so confident.

After a weepy moment talking about Dina, Jack encourages Traci to accept Billy’s job offer – thinking she’d be good at running an online fiction platform. Both find caring for Dina hard. Go out and have some fun, Traci agrees she’ll do the same when Jack comes back to relieve her.

The flowers now arranged, Sharon apologizes to Mariah and explains why she tries to maintain some control. She’s so happy to have a perfect daughter – this is just who I am right now. With a hug, Mariah loves her Mom too.