Friday, April 17th, 2020

While Faith, Nick and Rey listen to Tessa playing guitar, Sharon quietly asks Mariah to make medical decisions on her behalf is she can’t. I love you. I love you back. Nothing will go wrong, Sharon’s sure.

Congratulations – you win by default, Theo downplays his actions – we’re family. Yeah, that got you through the door – but integrity and honesty and creativity are what matter here. Theo’s learned his lesson – it won’t happen again. Kyle agrees – because you’re fired. Jack stands by his co-CEO. I guess there’s nothing left to say, Theo exits.

Billy thanks Lily for getting him to take a step back – you should have your own podcast – giving advice. Lily doesn’t want to be in the public eye. When Amanda and Nare arrive, she again tries to get an answer about the job offer and takes Nate off so Amanda can sit with Billy. Small world. Too small sometimes, Billy replies.

Lily would love to have you onboard. And Billy? He’s not opposed to hiring Amanda. You are the best. Yes, and it’ll cost you, she smiles.

At a nearby table, Lily jokes that Nate’s finally met his match. No, she doesn’t think dating Amanda’s a mistake. Speaking of – do we have our lawyer? she asks when Amanda comes over with Billy. Terrific, Lily shakes her hand – welcome aboard.

Back in the boardroom, Kyle impresses Jack with his pitch (giving credit to Summer) Riveting – congratulations – nice work, Jack clarifies that Kyle didn’t win by default – his idea’s great. You thinking what I’m thinking? Kyle’s left to ask Summer.

Sharon recites a list of ‘good luck’ texts received from Noah, Lola, Nikki, Jack, Vikki etc. Rey comes in with a large gift basket from Phyllis that all gush over. Faith’s given the day off school and Rey sets a timer on his phone to take a group photo.

Still in the boardroom, Kyle and Summer celebrate with vintage champagne. Theo brought his downfall on himself – he got what he deserved.

Theo’s at the Abbott home whining to Dina – I told myself I was enough like you that I could win. Instead, I screwed myself out of a job – and maybe a family.

The guests all gone, Sharon shares her hope with Rey – that the surgery she’s to have in two days puts an end to her cancer. Just a few more steps, Rey reassures with a kiss.

What shall we drink to? Me, Nate suggests. To my new job, Amanda clinks his glass. Across Society’s dining room, Lily also makes a toast – to hiring the best lawyer in town. Billy looks over at Amanda – who looks right back.