Monday, April 20th, 2020

Chelsea struts into Adam’s office for a surprise visit before Chloe’s baby shower starts. Adam’s also surprised by how many people are calling to congratulate him. He’s agreed to do an interview about his new job and his relationship with Victor.

Having heard the full story, Nikki now understands why Victor’s not fighting Adam. Alyssa doesn’t know the whole story and her story will never see the light of day, Victor assures Nikki.

Kevin and Chloe come down to admire all the decorations Chelsea’s put up at the Chancellor estate. She had to go pick Connor up from Karate. There will be no talk of Adam today, Chloe gently scolds Kevin; only positive thoughts.

Nikki worries about Vikki – she’s confused and hurt because you’re not fighting for her or the company. Victor will take care of everything – but now has to be somewhere. Nikki’s left to look stressed. Having seen her Father leave, Vikki’s snuck in to whine to her Mom about Victor trusting Adam over her to be CEO.

The Baldwins arrive with an abundance of gifts, humour and praise for the Mother to be – and the decorations. Chelsea and Connor will be back soon. Aside, Mike and Kevin quietly gossip about Adam before clinking glasses and agreeing not to discuss him.

Adam tells Chelsea that he’ll keep up appearances for this interview – until Victor puts his job in writing. After a bit of Daddy-issue whining, he sends Chelsea off to the baby shower then takes a call – how to I intend to carry on Victor Newman’s legacy? That’s a great question.

Alyssa’s reaction when she opens her hotel room door tells Victor that she knows who he is. If you run this story I’ll ruin your life, he warns.

Is everyone ready to party? Chelsea returns with Connor (who’s sent off to play with Bella while Ester and Chloe have a moment to reflect on how much Delia would love this) Now that everyone has drinks, Chelsea would like to play a game.

A terrified Alyssa’s packing her bags.

Vikki won’t listen to her Mom defending her Dad’s actions. Having no faith that Adam’s reign is temporary, Vikki will focus on undoing the damage Adam’s done (by herself) What have you done? Answer me! Nikki orders.

Nikki needs to know what Vikki’s set in motion. Why – so you can tip Dad off and he can cut me off at the path? Vikki announces that she met with AJ’s daughter. Now knowing that Adam lied to her, she won’t let him get away with it. The situation is more delicate than you realize – Nikki decides to tell Vikki the whole story of AJ’s death and why Victor’s handling it the way he is.

Bella and Connor are colouring on the staircase as the grown ups play baby-shower games. After some laughs and a toast, Chloe has a quiet moment to thank Chelsea – and ask a question, which is interrupted when Adam calls from the office.

That explains so much, Vikki’s stunned. That’s why Nikki had to tell her – she couldn’t let her dig deeper. That’s what Dad would want, Vikki doesn’t seem totally convinced. Next? She’ll go home and think.