Friday, April 17th, 2020

Kyle and Summer are gasping for air after a satisfying romp in bed. Today’s the big day – they’ll soon find out whether Kendra/Theo took the bait.

In the boardroom, Theo’s on the phone assuring Lola that he’s got this – her call means a lot. Jack’s pleased to find Theo there early and assures objectivity. His advice? Be yourself – I have faith in you. Theo’s left to squirm.

Amanda’s at the clinic to tell Nate that her heart skipped a beat. Nate prescribes lunch after his shift. Elena arrives with a warning – brace yourself, we’ve got an emergency on the way.

At Society, Lily notes that Billy’s distracted and didn’t return her calls. He’s not ghosting his partner, he’s trying to do her a favour.

Nick and Mariah are on edge and Tessa’s giving Faith a guitar lesson when Rey brings Sharon home. Her pre-surgery appointment well, Sharon relays her instructions for tomorrow. I’m the one going under the knife, she reminds – and in no need of a pity party.

We need to prep an exam room, Elena informs Amanda and Nate that she saw a kid fall in the playground while she was out on her run. She gave the child’s Mother her card and told her to bring him in. He’s lucky you were there, Amanda leaves telling Nate that she fought hard for him to retain his medical license – put it to good use. The doctors are left to share a smile.

** I wasn’t expecting a new show to air today so this is a bit late and a lot rough. Have a great weekend – stay safe *

Back at Society, Billy thinks he’s found Chancellor’s new chief content officer. Lily’s glad the interview went well – but how is Billy doing her a favour by avoiding her? Billy confides that someone came to him with a story that will put Chancellor Communications in the spotlight – he’s not sure he can be objective as taking down an ’empire’ will give him revenge.

Team Sharon accepts the challenge of throwing her a last-minute party. Cue the music and dancing.

In the boardroom, Kyle and Theo engage in the usual verbal sparring but shake hands (at Summer’s suggestion) as Jack arrives. Yes, Summer’s staying – she helped him; just like you may have had help, Kyle’s cocky as Theo stands to pitch his idea first; Jabot – back to basics.

Playing charades, Faith does an impression of Victor (not Winston Churchill) while Nick and Sharon have a private chat in which he’s asked to take care of the kids if something goes wrong tomorrow.

After the child’s been treated and taken home, Elena asks Nate how his date went – you and Amanda have been hovering around each other for months; GC’s most eligible bachelor is off the market, she’s pleased it went well.

Concluding with an explanation of his slogan ‘back to basics’, Theo asks if there’s any questions. More than you can imagine, Jack frowns as he reads. Smirking alongside Summer, Kyle wonders if Theo’s pitch sparked anything in Jack. Yes, this idea isn’t unique and it’s not Theo’s. It’s a pitch Jack made 15 years ago right in this very room. Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?

Enjoying Nate’s company in TGP lounge, Amanda talks about someone who likes living on the edge teaching her to seize her freedom; to scream it from the rooftops. She now plans to do just that.

No, Billy doesn’t have anything in writing – we don’t even have an operational news site yet. Yes, the source is reliable; Vikki. She’s out for blood. Publishing Vikki’s story would put you back on her good side, Lily warns Billy not to do anything without running it by her.

Confronted for pitching Jack’s own presentation to him, Theo blames Kyle and Summer for setting him up. Yes, we laid the bait but nobody forced you – YOU logged in to Summer’s account and took work you thought was mine. Kyle and Summer tell Jack how they turned the tables on Theo (helped by Kendra) Jack scolds Theo for not learning anything from Traci’s book; it’s up to Kyle (as co-CEO) whether he gets a second chance or not.