YR Spoiler; Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

Vikki drops by the ranch to tell her Dad that she saw Adam. You hung me out to dry – telling him the truth was cruel, Victor feels ‘left hung out to dry’. Cruel?! He’s blackmailing you and I’m the one paying the price! Vikki won’t apologize for defending what’s rightfully hers.

Adam fills Chelsea in – Victor fired me. He and Vikki are pinning AJ’s murder on the perfect fall guy – me.

Mariah doesn’t understand why Theo would feel the need to cheat. I choked, he admits believing Kyle had already won. Not blaming him and Summer for setting him up, Theo briefly contemplates leaving GC and doesn’t need Mariah’s warning to remind that if he ever hurts Lola he’s a dead man walking.

Vikki earned her spot at Newman; no one’s more qualified or suited to the position. She scoffs at her Dad being disappointed in her and speechless when he seems more concerned with how Adam’s doing.

Relaying Victor’s story, Adam doesn’t believe it (or that his Father would do this to him) Chelsea’s so sorry this is happening (but looks unconvinced)

Back at Society, Amanda asks questions of and takes notes of what Billy and Lily envision for Chancellor Communications. The more peaceful her world is the better.

Good luck on the job search, Mariah leaves Theo to listen in as Billy and Lily tell Amanda that their target demographic is a young audience who get most of their information through social media.

Adam’s hurt so many people that I love, including you – but Vikki can’t absolve her Father of responsibility. She’s tired of relying on other people to keep her safe and will defend herself, her family and NE. Victor agrees – you can have your CEO title back; you’ve earned it. What you’ve lost is my respect. Saying she can live with that, Vikki exits.

Chelsea can’t fathom Victor saying something so awful to Adam. What can you remember? No, she can’t remember much of what she was doing when she was eleven. Then why would you ask ME that? Adam seems to realize that Chelsea has doubts.

After Lily excuses herself to take a call from Charlie, Billy and Amanda continue to discuss targetting the younger demographic (as Theo looks enthralled)

Chelsea’s just trying to figure out how to proceed. Does Victor really expect you to walk away from NE? Adam knows Vikki wants payback and will go to any lengths to get it. Expressing concern for Connor, Adam’s reassured – we won’t allow that to happen (but Chelsea looks worried as she hugs him)

Vikki’s back in her office and behind her desk.

Nikki joins a devastated Victor to offer silent support.