Tuesday, April 24th, 2020

I can protect you, Vikki tries (but fails) to convince Alyssa to stay. Her mind is made up and she’s not scared – she’s leaving because … What did my Father say to you??? Vikki presses.

This is no game. Sure it is, Adam doesn’t believe that he, at eleven years old, killed someone. Nikki butting in doesn’t go over well either. That’s enough, Victor reigns him in.

As Phyllis loses yet another guest (over the phone) due to construction noise, Jack drops by the hotel to hear some griping about Abby and offer to talk to her. He then updates on Theo pitching him his own ideas from fifteen years ago. Phyllis is so sorry – but Theo’s not to be trusted.

In Jabot’s boardroom, Summer praises the great job Kyle did – Jack loved you pitch and saw Theo for who he really is. She wonders why Kyle doesn’t seem happy that he’s gone.

Meanwhile, at the ranch, Nikki and Adam both have their hands on their hips. He doesn’t blame her or envy her position. You don’t know who I am – or what’s going on here, Nikki leaves as requested by Victor – who then exchanges threats with Adam. He WILL pursue this.

Here we are, you and me face to face, trying to define our twisted relationship, Adam takes the conversation back to his childhood. Victor maintains that Adam was the one who killed AJ and he won’t let him leave until he accepts that truth.

** This spoiler has not been proofread or spellchecked. Make no mistake, there WILL be mistakes **

Back in her suite, Alyssa relays Victor’s confession that he’s been covering up what Adam did this whole time. No, Vikki doesn’t understand why she’s walking away – this doesn’t change anything.

Kyle seems to be having regrets about firing his former friend Theo – we had each other’s backs in New York (but were always competitive) I had a safety net, he didn’t, Kyle’s sorry it went down the way it did. Summer’s not – Theo cheated and got caught. On cue, Theo appears – he just stopped by to drop off his security badge and will let them get back to celebrating.

Theo knows Kyle must be happy to be vindicated – you are the chosen one. Rub it in my face, enjoy the hell out of it, his spiel is interrupted when Kyle excuses himself to take a call. No, Summer’s not going to be as polite as Kyle – she’s going to set Theo straight.

Jack knew Theo was rough around the edges but this surprised him. Phyllis hopes he learned his lesson and is pleased that Summer’s with Kyle, not Theo. Jack wishes his nephew would channel his talent in the right direction. Like we did? Phyllis replies.

You keep missing the point, Victor asserts calmly. What is the point? Adam asks – that I was supposedly a cold-blooded killer as a child? No, you weren’t cold-blooded, you were scared out of your mind, Victor corrects.

Adam knows that AJ had it in for Cliff – and that Victor killed him (or hired someone to do it for him) Then, you paid off the coroner – the end. Disagreeing, Victor adds more details – AJ got out of prison and went directly to Hope. She was scared – you tackled AJ to protect your Mother. Adam slow-claps a story he doesn’t believe happened.