YR Spoiler; Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

Taking a seat across from Victor at the never-used chess set, Nikki’s updated that Adam doesn’t remember killing AJ (or believe it) Also, he’s pissed off that she told Vikki; who’s now backed him into a corner.

On the CL’s patio, a smug Vikki asks Adam how things went with Dad – he told you, didn’t he?

Theo arrives at Society as Mariah’s overthinking her take out order for a private dinner party that has nothing to do with Kyle firing him. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Oh, sorry to bother you, Theo’s politeness leaves Mariah looking guilty.

Waiting for Lily to join them at Society, Billy and Amanda subtly enquire about each other’s social lives. No need to worry about Vikki, Billy gets the impression she’s about to stage a comeback; Adam won’t know what hit him.

It’s no lie, Vikki’s sure AJ’s death went down just as Victor described it. Deep down, she’s also sure Adam knows it’s true.

Yes, Billy does have history with Adam; it’s not pretty but we shouldn’t go there. We’re here to discuss business, not our personal lives, Amanda decides as Lily arrives to get started.

Apparently, in no fear of being roofied, Mariah leaves her full drink on the bar to approach Theo – who wonders what’s got her down. Reminded that Lola’s worried about her brother, Theo asks if Sharon’s OK. No, but she will be.

Nikki and Victor both have their arms folded in defiance. Enlighten me – how would this have played out if I hadn’t interfered? Nikki wonders. Victor was in the process of dismantling Adam’s leverage – who knows what he’ll do with all this information. Yes, he might have done something terrible, Nikki lists a few things Adam’s done – just this past year. You’ve allowed him to attack this family time and time again without consequence.

Vikki and Adam continue to spar on the CL’s patio. Yes, he should have taken the job when Victor offered it to him. Dad told me I was the only one who could truly follow in his footsteps. Told that he’ll never have Dad’s respect, Adam snarls ‘go to hell’ and storms out.

Nikki gripes about Victor protecting Adam at the expense of (and alienating) the rest of the family. You should have left it up to me, Victor stands – Vikki will soon be CEO again. Nikki doesn’t understand – do you think Adam will change? Reminded that she too killed someone as a kid and buried the memory, Nikki has the last word – you’re in as much denial as Adam is if you don’t see him for the predator he is.

Theo wouldn’t trade time spent with his Mother before she died for anything and is sure Sharon appreciates Mariah being closeby. She confides that she didn’t spend her childhood with her Mom and hopes to be able to make up that time. You’re doing great, Theo’s supportive.

At the penthouse, Chelsea’s too busy babbling about the baby shower to notice that Adam’s upset.

She and Billy don’t have an official mission statement but Lily sums up their philosophy – attention is the new currency – time is our most valuable resource. Wherever people are most engaged online is where Chancellor Communications needs to be. Global domination, Amanda quips (the ‘inside joke’ making Lily the outsider)

Mariah brings out an appetizer for Theo, to thank him for being so kind about her Mom. He doesn’t to bore her with his tale of self-sabotage/corporate woe (until she declares this space a non-judgment zone)